Recommended areas for living

I am considering moving to Santo Domingo within the next two years.  What areas would you recommend for living.  I prefer being close to shops, cafes, market, mall etc. 
I will be visiting within the next three months, any suggestions would be helpful.

Welcome to the forums. Lots of expats live in the Colonial Zone and Gazcue.

My vote would be the Zona Colonial.  However I find SD too crowded, busy and  congested for me.

Bob K

Thanks, I have visited the Colonial Zone.  I will look into the other area that you mentioned.
Again, thanks for your response.

Your welcome,  Gazcue is not far from the Colonial Zone,  head west.....

Thanks   :)

The Colonial Zone and Gazcue are both very nice areas.  Although for ten years I have  visited many areas of the country, the colonial Zone has been my major area of interest.  I think considering to live in one of the two areas mentioned would require you to consider your budget.  Because they tourist areas and reasonably safer, they are also more expensive to live in. You will find the overall cost of living to be a bit higher than many other areas. The rents, supermarkets, restaurants and some transportation will run just bit more.

Thanks for the information.  If you have any other suggestions of areas please let me know.  I have been visiting for the past two years.

Do you know how to get in contact with American expats, while visiting Santo Domingo ?  I would like to get a feel for how they transitioned their lives from the States to living in the DR.

Yes, there is a place were some expats hang out.  When you are in the Colonial Zone, go to the Restaurant America.  It is at the corner of Calle Arzobispo Nouel and Calle Santome.  If you drink, get the Cuba Libre.

The colonial zone can be  more expensive then some areas but is significantly less costly then  others! 

Its really about what you are looking for and what your budget is.

That is true, the CZ can be less expensive than some areas such as Piantini, Costa Caribe and Naco.  I consider those to be the neighborhoods of the real money


Thanks for the information  :)

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