Chengdu looking for English speaking friends!

My brother and I will be in Chengdu for the summer and I thought it would be cool to meet new people there who also can speak English.

Hey there Leeshy7159. so your looking to visit Chengdu, very nice.  I've lived in Chengdu since August last year.  I'm happy to share what I know with you, however i'm not sure by what you mean you intend on visiting for the summer... do you mean summer in Chengdu? I'd presume so... I actually head back to aus on June 19 so if there's no chance to meet before then, im happy to talk on this thread.

What a bummer! Yeah we will be there around June 20th so right when you leave. How long were you there for?

Greetings, am Tim, in Beijing China, would be just find to have you as a friend

Greetings I am from Qatar speaks english
my pleasure to be friends

Living in Chengdu since August 2015, Welcome!

Hi Leeshy7159, it's a good choice to spend a long time in Chengdu, for it's such a really nice city worth exploring, even though the summer would be super hot. Anyway, no one is immune to delicious food and adorable pandas.
I have been living here since I was born. So any questions about this city or China, feel free to ask. I would be very happy if I can be helpful.

Thank you for such an awesome response! Yes... And I'm definitely LOVE the hot pot, the rabbit head, and the spicy-ness of Chengdu people.

You're very welcome. Sounds like you're already in chengdu and have tried those amazing food. Glad that you love hotpot. Some say it's too hot to handle, and comes with heartburn sometimes.  Have you tried some local snacks like Zhong Dumplings(钟水饺), Long Wontons(龙抄手) or Lai glue pudding(赖汤圆)? Pandas should be on your travel lists, don't forget that.
Enjoy your travel in Chengdu.

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