New to Chengdu, looking to meet new friends

Hi everyone. I moved to Chengdu with my partner a few months ago. My partner works in a hospital here and I will be starting university in September. In the meantime I am learning Mandarin (well trying to!). I am very new to the city and would love to meet new people! :)

Hi there,

    Glad that you and your partner chose chengdu to settle down, that's a wise choice.
    Since you are a new comer to this city, as a local I can show you around if you want.
     Hope you have  a good time in Chengdu

Kind regards,


My name is Jim and hopefully I will find myself moving to Chengdu in July.  I write hopefully as I have another interview this evening.  So, I am trying to establish contacts/friends prior to arrival.

Hi Jim,

   How was your interview? Hope everything goes well. As a person who lives in chengdu since I was born, I'm very willing to help you to fit into the total new surroundings. Feel free to ask me questions if you need some help.

Kind regards,


Thank you for responding.  I had a phone interview @ 10 PM US with the executive in China and his team.  I am not exactly what they are looking for, which they must have known by reading my resume.  However, the interview went well and they are looking for a position for me that will best utilize my expertise.  I would like to think that is a positive thing.

Thank you also for your kind offer.  If I do have the opportunity to go there, I will let you know.  My son is very excited about the opportunity to visit me or even stay and work.


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