Hi~Try to meet some new friends in Chengdu...

Hi all, trying to get some new friends who are like a expat as I do. I haven't get any new friend in the early months as I kept  moving around China due to my work. Finally, company decided to put me at Chengdu and expand the business here. Wondering if I can get some new friends and let's hang out together. Looking forward to meet new buddies here!

Hello agentlee5661 and welcome on board :cheers:

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Hi there, do you mind having a local friend? Hopefully not, how long will you stay in Chengdu? Have you explored this city already? If so, what do you like best? Food? When I was away, the thing I would kill for was different kinds of sichuan food. Sometimes missed them much more than my families, just kidding. If you want, I can show you around, afterall it's worth dicovering, nice city, isn't it?

I don't mind having local friend~

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