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Mostly I noticed that members register on and later do not come back... There is something wrong with the rules of this page that's why it's happening.. Comments please...

Hello waseemsh2005! :cheers:

Kindly note that your thread has been moved to the Help us improve the website section of the forum.

The country forum is only for threads talking about expatriation in that particular country.

Also, bear in mind that the site is mostly a forum dedicated to expatriation, and most members sign in to share some tips or be able to talk directly to expatriates who shared interesting informations.

When members finish their expatriation process, most of them do not feel the need to come back to seek expatriation infos again (quite normal).

The rules of the site is constantly being changed since the site in online so as to best serve the expatriate community and protect them against spams, scammers and members here only for dating purposes!

If you have some great ideas of rules to amend on our site, please feel free to share :top:


I can't deny that there are members who sign up for their own purposes without sharing anything.  I know a few members who are a member for a quite few years without posting one single post.
Or being lazy and ask others to search for them.

A good few sign up for no expat related activity, many to spam PM as many people as they can for whatever reason.
When they realize their PMs are blocked, they disappear, commonly without posting on the forum at all.

Agree with Fred's post.

Spammers, scammers, trolls and the general detritus that use forums for their own nefarious purposes who join up are soon flicked off this forum.

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