King Abdullaah economic city KAEC

I want to visit KAEC in sha Allaah, anything in particular I shouldn't miss out on? Any hidden gems, or is it all under dust and development? is only 95% complete.

Apparently it is touted as a 100 billion dollar city started by King Abdullah.

The port is called KAP

Besides the port what else is there, 95% done -should be a lot to offer

....sorry - I mean it is 95% INcomplete!!

Yeah I realized there was a discrepancy about what u wrote and what I saw on the net.... I shall go and explore then in sha Allaah

You would need a permission to get in these days. They suddenly "became' very strict at the entrance. Inside next to the bay la sun hotel there are few restaurants and the beach is also nice. Apart from this there isnt much, but worth a visit for once or to wind down in the weekend with some good sheesha.

we didnt have trouble getting in but they did request to see ID> i dont get down with sheesha but yeah i liked the beach and the restaurants were ok. it was a nice stroll, and it will be nice once they get more going for themselves.

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