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Selamat Pagi everyone!

So I'm moving to KL this summer for a 2 month internship.

I have a few shirts that my dad left me, which I think are pretty cool and I'd like to get them tailored to my size. He's a pretty big guy (we're talking XXXL) and I'm about a medium, so it would be a big transformation.

I know it would just be easier to buy new shirts and all that blah blah, but these are my dad's, there's some sentimental value to them and if I can get them tailored cheaply then why not.

Please note these are button-up dress shirts which are easier to tailor than t-shirts.

I figured that it would be quite cheap to get them tailored in KL, but I'm seeking expert expat advice on the best value places to go, and a ballpark figure on how much it would cost.

This is coming from where I currently live in Scotland, where tailoring a shirt would cost like £20-30 :o

I'm not an expat, but I frequent an old school tailor in the heart of KL. You can try to search for Ah Loke tailor. Unfortunately, I do not know his rates for tailoring shirts. Depending on material, new shirts can cost between RM150 - RM200.

Hi there, usually alteration is also cost quite much, but i do know some alteration done by chinese.. Its at sg wang plaza, bukit bintang... Pls go to 4-5th floor u can see many alteration shops there.. If u cnt find the shops just ask at the information counter, they shud be able to guide u :)

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