Video Editing and Affordable English Schools

Hi there everyone. We're planning on moving to Vietnam in a few months, my wife will be teaching, so that's fine. Me on the other hand, I'm a video editor (TV) but struggling finding English editing jobs online. We're looking at either Danang, Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. Can anyone put me in contact with any editor or point me to a production company, or any other advise would be greatly appreciated. And one last thing, our daughter is turning 5 this year, but the international english schools are crazy expensive.  We're looking for an english daycare or public school of some sort, but can't find any. It seems that it's either a Vietnamese public school or an International School. Please and super thank you!

My son is 5,and we found a cheaper option for him. He goes mon-fri, they begin8:30am until4:30pm so he gets home by 5pm every day. We are in hcmc, district 2.

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