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Hi Everyone, I will be moving to Malaysia in June 16, my work place is in Subang Jaya. I want to close to that area in safe and nice condo. Can anyone suggest goid apartments.

Secondly, for a couple and 3 month old child, what would be tentative cost of living per month considering a normal life style, eating at home most of the time, small car with fuel, 450-500 sq-ft 1 bed condo, twice a month hoteling and once a month movie.


Hi Malik. There are so many new condos being built in the Subang Jaya area so I am sure that you will have no problem at all find a place. You can easily check in The Star Online, or iProperty, and of course choose an agent. I would recommend Reapfield Properties as they are a really big and well established company.

In Subang they have many smaller apartments so easy to find. Some things you'll need to remember are:

1) The landlord pays the agents commission, not you.

2) It's normal to pay 2 months rent deposit, 1 month in advance and 1/2 month for utilities deposit.

3) Make sure everything in the apartment is working properly. If you want the landlord to add or change something then have it done before you move in.

4) When you find a suitable place, make an offer, don't accept the asking price. Landlords are quite desperate these days.

5) Contracts are usually 1 year or 2 year

Remember that it is a buyer's/tenants market. There is an oversupply of apartments in KL and many landlords have difficulty finding a tenant.

For all the other details on cost of living, I believe there are several past threads about this and many posters might be willing to give you that information.

Dear Hansson,

Many thanks for guidance. Any tips on security and safety with in and outside apartments.

Most condominiums employ security guards, either local Malaysians or Nepalese guards. And often condos will issue you with access cards to enter and leave the building. However, within your apartment it is a good idea to ensure that thieves or neighbours are not able to climb into your apartment from outside, for example if your balcony is near to a neighbour's balcony etc.

In KL itself, it is fairly safe but one has to be careful with taxi drivers as some are less than honest. Never leave your baby alone for a second as there are stories of kidnappings. But I don't want to scare you, such incidents are very rare. You just need to be aware all the time.

One problem that Malaysia is well known for are snatch thieves. They come up behind you on motorbikes and snatch ladies handbags. People have been know to get seriously hurt in these incidents. So always be aware of this.

Apart from this, Malaysia is quite a nice place to live. The food is great with Mamak food places  (Indian Muslim food) everywhere and it's very cheap.

Dear Hansson,

Thankyou once again for help. This is indeed a good advice.

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