I am in a quandry.  Last October my husband and I were bumped from our flight from Rome to Boston and in compensation were told we would receive 1200 euro electronic travel voucher. I emailed the address I was given in February and received forms that we needed to fill out and send along with identifying information. I also scanned our tickets and set that as well - that was February 4, 2016. I never received any confirmation that these docs were received by Alitalia, and in fact I sent a couple more emails asking if they had received what I sent. I received a reply to my last email saying that they had not received anything and that I should  send it all again, this time to to a customer relations office in Italy. I was told before to send it to a customer relations office in New York City. It is now 2 weeks before the date we wanted to travel, the fares have gone up and I have heard nothing from Alitalia.  I have spoken to multiple ticketing agents most of whom  said they  could do nothing about the problem.  Two said they would call that office and that I would hear from them.  It has not happened. 
I am beside myself feeling totally powerless in this situation.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you      slh43

If you were bumped in October, why did you wait until February to seek out the compensation you were told you would receive?  You should have gotten the voucher before you left the airport.  Once you leave the scene, getting compensation from airlines usually becomes much more difficult.

You might want to take to social media, maybe Alitalia's Facebook page, complain there and hope that the squeaky wheel gets the grease :)


Thank you for your thoughts.  They said we had only a year after the vouchers were issued to use them.  At the time we weren't sure when we would be returning to Italy.
Thank you for the Facebook suggestion.  I will try that.

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