Cagliari- How is the lifestyle living there?


Can anyone give me some information of lifestyle living in this location?

Cost of living?
Shared accommodation?
Expat community?
Things to do /see?


Hi Claire, bit late probably but I just joined the forum.

Are you planning on living in the city or outside, to be honest the city unless you are in the historic area is pretty crap IMO, Italians like to live on top of each other and I find it can get a little claustrophobic and also in winter everyone burns wood in their fires and you end up with a nasty smog that burns the eyes and must be very unhealthy.

I live in the mountains outside of the city where the air is super clean and this is where the area shines, lots of expats  prefer the countryside or the coast and so you get a lot more of them, this is also where property is the least expensive. Italians seem to be scared to be out of the town so generally only have holiday homes here although this is changing and so you can pick up some real bargains although you are likely to need to do some work.

Those Italians who do live outside the town tend to be artists/musicians,  alternative life-stylists or farmers ..

All in all I love the area, the people and the lifestyle but if I was living  in town it would be a much different story.

Let me know if you make it over and we can meet up. I live here with my partner and our two kids on the side of a hill. :)

Hi, could you let me know specifically which areas you talk about when you say mountains or beach areas. I'd be very interested to take a look at living outside Cagliari but with the option of commuting in for work. Thanks

Okay well the good thing is that Cagliari is a lowland basin mainly surrounded by mountains so almost any direction east or west is going to get you into mountains or beach areas. The east coast is best and further away from the petrochemical Saras factory and so my preferred direction. I live up the ss125, it goes northeast out of cagliari from the ss554 into the Sette Fratelli mountains (a national park) and has a number of communities dotted along the first 30km. Plenty of low cost (ex-holiday home) housing and lots of new families moving here. it is lush and surrounded by trees and hills and only about 25min by car to central Cagliari or the airport.

Hope that helps.


Hi Sam, thank you. that's really useful :)


Hello Claire, I have been living in Italy for 3 months and since I went there alone not knowing the language which was more important than I tought, not all of them knew how to speak English, I accidentally found this little book that saved my life in some situations
I bought a paperback but I read somewhere that the e-book will be available again. I found it helpful, I hope you will too.

We are thinking of  moving  near Cagliari to retire. At the moment we live in the Hills of Turin.  My husband is Italian, I speak fluent Italian. we prefer the country side. I saw the Sette Fratelli area, which country but not far from Cagliari.
We are thinking of renting to begin with. Any sugestions of reliable agent. We would need a house with garden as we have 2 big dogs.
What are the winters like ?. as we are outdoor sporty ,it sounds a great place.
We are going there in June to suss out the area. We only know the North of Sardegna where we have spent many summer holidays..
Any advice on other areas would also be useful.

Sam , where are you originally from?
How long have you been living in  the sette fratelli area ?


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