Artist wanting to move to a city with an art community

Hi all,
I am going to retire and be divorced soon, I have been building a career as an artist for the last 4 years.
(I was somewhat successful before I was married and had children.) Now that my girls have grown and are off to college, I have decided to investigate cities with good art communities that are ripe with possibilities. Venice seems like a logical choice. Can anyone give advice?

Venice? Why not?
Do you qualify for a visa?

I haven't applied yet. I am still searching cities with excellent ar roots.
Is it hard to get a visa?

It depends, as there are several types of visas. … ng-living/

I will do. I saw that are several different types of visas. Looking to obtain a long-term type.
Have a great day.
Do you ever get tired of Venice?

For your information: … ence-visa/ … italy.html

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