New members of the Costa Rica forum, introduce yourself here – 2nd quarter of 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Costa Rica forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Costa Rica if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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I have been living in Costa Rica for 18 years and I hope to continue living and working here.  I own and operate a Pizzeria in Moravia called Papito´s, which has been doing well for 11 years.  I would like to sell to a family of younger expats looking for some work that pays!  I would like to make a refuge for mothers who are drug/alcohol addicts in Heredia!  I love to play chess and I play the lotteries to certain limits!  I ride a motorcycle and deliver pizza.  I like to make jokes and laugh!

:) I am NOT looking for a business, however, I would LOVE to chat with you about your experiences in the area.  I am flying into San Jose the 28th of July (alone), and trying every possibility to connect with people who have "been there, done that".  I am interested in investing wisely in the country, searching for a new home for myself and my 2 dogs.

  Best wishes,

Sandi Howard

@ samboni >This thread has been created for the introduction of the new members only.

If you have some specific questions, i invite you to create your own thread on the Costa Rica forum please.

If you wish to talk to a member, do note that you can send him a private message so as not to be off topic here.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Sandi, I would love to chat with you.  When you arrive in San Jose call me xxx Papito de Moravia

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Thank you.

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Hi everyone! I'm new in this forum and I would like to introduce myself and my assistant. My name is Simone Ceccarelli, I'm a 46 years old guy and I've been living in Costa Rica for 12 years. I live in Tamarindo
As for my assistent, her name is Erica Sartor, she is 26 and Italian too, living in Costa Rica on and off since 2007 and moved here for good 4 years ago.
We both love good food, relaxing at the beach and travel.


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Hi, name is Scott, and I am a Costa Rica Expat...

Here's my story...

I usually respond to the question of how I came to live in Costa Rica by asking how much time the person asking has...

Caution: I don’t necessarily recommend that anyone else out there follow my route to the dream life in Costa Rica…

I was practicing law back in the late 90’s in Charlotte, North Carolina when I got the idea that I wasn’t really cut out for the legal profession. After much soul-searching I came up with the idea of starting a company that would help small business owners execute exit strategies. That company was called Live Oak Capital Advisors.

Over the ensuing years I served as advisor to companies of many types, from technology to manufacturing. One day, as fate would have it, I stumbled upon a deal with a privately-owned university in San Jose, Costa Rica (a referral I received from an attorney in Greensboro, North Carolina, of all places). That was in 2001 and this deal brought me to Costa Rica for the first time.

For some reason, the owner of the university (known at that time as Universidad Interamericana) took a liking to me and ended up hiring my small firm to help him find a buyer. Two years later the deal closed and Universidad Interamericana, with campuses in Heredia, Costa Rica and Panama City, Panama, became the property of Laureate Education (formerly Sylvan) of Baltimore, Maryland, a publicly-traded education company with campuses around the world. Since then Laureate has gone on to make several more acquisitions in Costa Rica, Panama and Honduras and as a consequence has become the major player in private education in this region.

During the course of the ups and downs in that deal many things happened to me both on personal and professional levels. On a professional level during the time spent here I began to notice that Costa Rica had the potential of becoming a tourism juggernaut in this region of the world. Therefore, I got the idea of launching a travel company, which I still own and operate.

On a personal level I found myself, as a consequence of poor decisions on my part, divorced and homeless. So I moved to Costa Rica permanently to pursue life and love.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

I began Package Costa Rica in 2004 and since then I have brought 1,000's of tourists to this country. Following the explosive tourism growth we have also experienced a real estate boom. That has been both good and bad. Good in the sense that it has brought much foreign capital to a country that needs it. Bad in the sense that uncontrolled growth, and some of it has indeed been uncontrolled, threatens the very reasons that so many people are drawn to this country to begin with. That is, its unrivalled natural beauty and overwhelming biological diversity.

I am now tapping my past experience in business, tourism, marketing, law and deal-making to assist those who would like to transition to the Costa Rica expat life.  I am currently still doing Costa Rica vacations, but also working as an agent for Coldwell Banker in Dominical. Most relevant to this post, I*****
I may have come here in 2001 with very little in common with the ticos (Costa Ricans).  However, now I consider myself (as we like to say here) “mas tico que gallo pinto.”  That is, more Costa Rican than the typical meal known as gallo pinto that is served at almost every breakfast.

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Hello Scott, I have been living here in Costa Rica since I was 49 years old, and at present I own a Pizzeria Papitos in Moravia for 11 years.  I would like to do something else, not leave CR, but something else.  The business is good enough to sell and not simple close.  I would love to hear your ideas on how to best sell this business.  I have tried ads in local papers and El Residente magazine.  We are open Wed. to Sunday at 1:00 pm to 8:00,Sur of the church in Moravia and bring your family!  2241-1068 :)

Sure Papito...would be glad to discuss can I call you?...**

Pura Vida!

is the number you provided the best way...that looks like a business number??

Hi everybody,

Please note that this topic has been created for the introduction of the new members only.

Let's avoid being off topic please.

Thanks all,

Priscilla :)

Hello.  My name is Ed and I live in Austin, Texas.  I am an avid birder and have visited Costa Rica three times over the past few years.  I will be retiring in the next 18 months and am researching the possibility of retiring in Costa Rica.  I will be making a research trip in which I will be spending 30 days primarily in the Central Valley in June - July 2017.   At this point, I am focusing on Atenas, Grecia, San Ramon as well as the Colon/Puriscal area as possible permanent locations.  I am not exactly sure how to spread and spend my time in these locations during my visit, but am looking at alternatives.  I have subscribed to blogs, am reading the newspapers, have made some contacts and have read several books and will continue to read others.  I am studied Spanish and will get more in to that in the coming months.  I am excited about the possible move and, while I do not have any specific questions at this point, if anyone has any thoughts, suggestions or advice (particularly on how to spend my 30 day research trip), fire away!  Thanks.

Ed in Austin


Hi my husband and I are looking to relocate.  We are looking to visit lake arenal.
We want to live relatively simply but safe . Any feedback is much appreciated. Especially pros and cons on all of the central American countries.  We expect to live nomadically for the first couple of years.
Just need ti decide where to start.
MJ and Randy

Hello everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ MJ and Randy thank you for your introduction. The best way you could gather some information is by choosing a location here : Living in Central America or in the Caribbean forum and post your questions on the different forums.

For the time being, since your introduction is on the Costa Rica forum, you may read the threads of this forum or even create a new topic with your questions and read the Living in Costa Rica guide.

You will find an Expat Guide under the "Handy Tools" section of each forum.

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How did you make out with info? We're thinking of doing the same thing. Thanks!


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