Drawings and plans. Architect required

Hi. I am born in England, living in Spain with Spanish language. We are going to move to Capiata region probably within the next few months. I have drawings for our first buildig project there but will need detailed archectect plans before building. Anyone got any experience in this?

We will also be looking to form a social life in Paraguay - like forming a club to enjoy the English/Spanish things that we are going to miss with likeminded people. Also would like to contact any people whose passion is photography.

I just finished building something. In my case I drew what I wanted and only when the building was up I called an architect to draw it. The architect was from the municipality so I had it easy with approvals and a favorable tax assessment. If you are worried about construction workers not understanding your drawings, is true, they will not understand them, but they will understand even less an architectural plan.

Hi, and thank you.l

Each municipality has different requirements regarding the blueprints or plans for a  house.  There is a Canadian guy in San Lorenzo who is a home builder/general contractor.  He has provided us computer generated plans that our municipality accepted.  As San Lo is next door to Capaita, he probably is familiar with their requirements too.   One thing to keep in mind is most will require building materials listed with estimated costs also.

Thanks a lot. Do you have any contact info for him?

Sure, his name is David McIvor, he's on the FaceBook site "Expats in Paraguay".  And on FB obviously.   His email is:  davidmcivor12[at]         One of the things that make him a bit unique down here is he fills the niche of being an honest and competent "gringo" contractor that cuts thru all the misunderstandings, red tape, cultural differences in expectations, etc…..that you deal with by being an outsider expat working with local builders.   Plus you get out of having to pay the "gringo markup/tax" which by itself is a huge savings.  Disclaimer: he's a friend so obviously I'm biased lol..!

Brilliant - thank you so much.

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