Answer a few questions for a thesis?

Hello, I am an undergraduate student researching expatriates in South American cities, including Buenos Aires. I would absolutely love if anyone out there could answer a few questions/be willing to talk to me about your expat experience, it would go a long way to help my thesis- and be completely anonymous! 

Even just a few basic answers to any of these questions would be extremely appreciated.

What neighborhood do you live in?
Why did you choose to live there?
In your impression, what types of people live there?
What areas do you feel like most expats live in?
Do you interact with mainly other expatriates or do you have many Argentinean friends? Was it difficult to make friends outside the expatriate community?
Do you speak Spanish?
Do you work, and if so what do you do?
Any other info about why you came to Buenos Aires?

Please help and thanks!

I often see students on the internet using Survey Monkey, it is much easier for the user than typing out responses to posts like yours.

Free package includes 10 questions.

Hi SMSA14,

You can also post your questions in the  Buenos Aires classifieds  > testimonies section. It is completely free as well.

Good luck,

Priscilla  :cheers:

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