Argentinian steak

I've been in Buenos Aires for less than a week (originally from Toronto, Canada) and I have yet to try this amazing Argentinian steak I've been hearing about. I live at the border of Palermo Soho/Botanico by the zoo. Any suggestions on good steak restaurants close to me? I've tried a couple random places that weren't so amazing, one being at a mall food court. Any suggestions would be appreciated! :)

I like a little place called Las Cabras at Fitz Roy and El Salvador. Welcome to BA!

Thanks Carol!! :) I'll try that out today.

A South American does not live on steak alone. 

Or so I thought until I read Fraanca's post on the Uruguay forum.  Fraanca is an Uruguayan native who moved to Zug, Switzerland.

Here's what he said about someone's idea to open an ethnic restaurant...

"Ethnic food does not work with Argentinians and Uruguayans.  They only want meat. 

"Forget it.  Try the same venture in Chile or Peru."


How accurate is Fraanca's opinion?

What's the state of ethnic food in Buenos Aires?

I thought I'd better run this matter past the "Argentinian steak" thread of the B.A. forum before my Argentina-Uruguay trip coming up in a couple of months.

cccmedia in Ecuador

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