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Hello everyone,

I want to ask, my husband is working in Malaysia from last 6 months. And I came here 2 months back, I am holding dependent Visa, Can I work here?

Yes if you get a work permit. There was a failed scheme to allow highly qualified spouses work by getting dependent visa stamped with right to work but basically harder to get than a work permit and i never managed to find anyone who successfully got one. Employers cant be bothered with it.

Considering the mass sacking of oil & gas workers and those in finance combined with a  weak economy means many employable Malaysians. So gerting work as an expat is now harder than before. It does depend on your skills and experience of course. As you havent included these then hard to say.

I am trying from last month,via head hunters,, but couldn't got any interview call :(
I have done Bsc in biotechnology and holding post graduate diploma in clinical research. I am having 2 years of experience in Pharmaceutical company, and 1 year of experience in Quality assurance in health care department.

Hi if i remember correctly biotechnology is on the banned for expats employment list. Hence chances poor.

Ok,thanks for your reply. But I think if there is a will there is way.I still have hope. I will check for clinical research and Quality Department as well.

Hi lecturing you can do of course. Have you thought about that?

Yeah,i m trying for training and development also, if I can get some opportunities.

Try in some International school, they need good English speaking people and they pay good

Thanks for ur reply and suggestion, I will surely check

yes u got change la ur educated u knw a lot of opportunities will waiting for u dnt loss ur hope God bless u

Yeah,hope so. :)

Yes don't give up trying.

Where there's a will there's a way....

Yes :)

I moved to KL 6 months ago and am holding a spouse visa LTSVP since my husband is Malaysian. I have managed to get interview calls very few though . Employers are not interested since they think it is a hassle to manage my visa , however its really simple all i need is an appointment letter and can get an endorsement to work.Any suggestions where else can i look ?

Not legally

HI, i m hiring for the role of IT Project coordinator, the job location for the same will be KL. Only for Indian! People on DP can also approach me. Please let me know if any one is interested.


Thanks deepika for your reply😊


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Thanks Posted!

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