Real estate investment: the top destinations worldwide

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When it comes to retirement or moving back to one's home country, expats are often keen about investing in real estate properties.

The latest JLL City Momentum Index 2016, published recently, boasts some 20 global metropolis which are conducive to real estate investment. Note that this study takes into account a total of 120 well established and emerging business hubs worldwide. Thus, London, Silicon Valley, Dublin, Bangalore, Boston, Shanghai, New York, Sydney, etc, are among the top 20, especially thanks to their technological strength, their talent pools along with ambitious urban development plans.

Ranking 1st, London stands out for its vigorous growth, as well as its innovating real estate agency. Note that this rank is essentially based on the transformation of its transport network, thus bringing the British capital city forward as a global hub for education and technology. New York City, for its part, ranks 7th thanks to major real estate projects, mainly in the Far West Side of Manhattan.

In Europe, cities such as Dublin ranking 2nd, followed by Randstad, Munich, Stockholm and Copenhagen, ranking 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th respectively have been nominated as New World Cities. Berlin and Barcelona, for their part, rank 11th and 12th respectively. These cities are especially appealing due to the quality of life they provide to expatriates, as well as their strong infrastructure and economic resilience.

According to this study, real estate investors seem to be mainly taking into account long term tendencies such as demography and technology. Hence, Stockholm, Berlin and Copenhagen stand out as New World Cities for hosting the biggest number of technology start ups and research systems, as well as many millennials which greatly contribute to their dynamism and potential in terms of investment.

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This explanation is a poorly veiled advertisement for a real estate firm (Jones Lang LaSalle), and so its place on the forum is dubious. Anyway, as a true help to expats, one should include a warning where or how NOT to invest. For example, in many countries, say Laos, only citizens of that country are allowed to invest, so many expats fall for the scam of a citizen offering to invest for you (either as an "agent" or after befriending you or even taking you as a lover, even sometimes as a spouse) and taking a small percentage in return, but once everything is signed, that person disappears, along with the property deeds... or even if she/he does not disappear, suddenly they are no longer very friendly, and the expat has no rights.... good-bye investment.

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