Transferring money to Cambodia

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for advice on sending money to Cambodia from the UK regularly. My wife is finally permitted to move to the UK, so we are looking for the best/most economical way to support her family from here.

I would prefer to send regular small payments rather than a lump sum, but if I make a bank transfer from here I get gouged by bank charges (HSBC loves to charge well for everything).

Any advice would be appreciated. My wife has ANZ and ACLEDA accounts in Cambodia, if it helps.

Thanks in advance.

There is always Western Union .. They charge a small fee and all the person in Cambodia needs is I.D.
Alternatively can you open up a  ANZ bank account in the UK? That way you could just do a bank transfer for a reasonable fee I would imagine.
Hope this helps

ANZ wire fee
Inward transfer – Overseas
Commission : 0.15% (min USD$10) of the transaction value … -transfer/

First Commercial Bank (TW)
$10 for $1 to $500
$20 for $501 to $2000
0.1%s for $2000 up

Your bank will also charge a fee.

CharlesSchwab offers the best rates of any USA bank I have seen. They have international accounts. You can set up the account online. They usually charge no fee for wire transfers. Also, you can use any ATM, and they will refund the ATM fee.

All banks are rapacious in my experience, check TransferWise & similar options, save a lot of loot going AWOL ...

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