Meet Ups in Riyadh

Hi All

I am new to Riyadh and waiting for my future wife to join me after our wedding in September. I am here with another friend from Yorkshire, were based in Granada, board and struggling to find social groups to join. Everything seams to be word of mouth from what i can make out and were not going on compound until June.

We're looking for other people to meetup or get out and about in and around Riyadh. Runs, treks, hikes, dinner, coffee, gym, that kind of thing.


A year ago when arrived I had same feeling but eventually I found few friends to hang around. There are lots of places to visit and hike around in Riyadh. You must get out and explore the place. If you don't have your own transport, until you buy a car you need to find a good honest driver who knows places to take you and way around.

Hi Gareth,

You need to go out for the well-known places ... especially here in Riyadh like Tahliah streets, malls, gyms, restaurants .. We as saudis are social society and I am sure even in your work place you will see this more ..

If you like, i can help you and take you to some places to see ..


i have a diversity group that meet occasionally, if you are interested please inbox me

My friends and i were usually going out for dinner (different cuisines such as thai, turkish, etc.) or coffee or quad bike or paintball, etc. I miss those days so if this is gonna push through, im in!
Just let me know!

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