Muslim communities and lifestyles in Tokyo

Hi all

I am currently living in Turkey but have an opportunity to move to Japan. As I'm a native born and raised in Istanbul, I prefer big cities like Tokyo to live in.

I have some doubts about lifestyle of Tokyo for a muslim. Is there any community? How many mosques? Islamic shops, halal foods etc..

If you see any other places than Tokyo is more suitable for a muslim, I'd like to hear advises and comments.

If someone could give more info, I'd appreciate a lot. Thanks in advance.

I suggest you use Google and search for the information.

there is a lot of Muslims in japan and especially you will find some of Turkish. you can search about masjids in Islamic
i am in Okayama and there are some of Turkish here and Islamic center.

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I know actually a bit about muslim population and mosques in Japan. What I tried to ask is more detailed. You know kitchen of Japan is not really for muslims. Are muslims ok to find Halal food in Japan. or just there are 1-2 shops?

Hi there,
If you live in Tokyo, there are some halal shops in Shin-Okubo near Shinjuku and some more areas as well what I know for now. I will ask my friends more informations.


If you live in Tokyo then definitely there are places that sell halal food. You can actually search for them on the internet. Here is a list of halal restaurants in Japan:

As for mosques, yes there are very many of them. Have a look at the following link which shows 13 mosques in Tokyo and many more all over the country:

In Japan there are a lot of Indonesians working in the automotive industry, and most of them are muslims, Indonesia being the largest Muslim nation in the world. Many of them are living and working in Nagoya, but also there are thousands of Indonesians living in Hamamatsu which is in Shizuoka as this is the headquarters of Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. So you can find mosques and halal food there without problem.

Basically the large Japanese car manufacturing firms employ a lot of Indonesians so wherever they are located you will find muslim communities. And, for certain, wherever you find a mosque means there is a muslim community and you will probably find islamic goods, a halal supermarket, halal food and muslim clothing etc.

Thanks, informations are very helpful. I appreciate a lot, thanks again Minori san and Hansson san :)

You are most welcome.

You are welcome and I am looking forward to see you in Tokyo my friend!

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