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I'm visiting Tokyo on July 29 to Aug 12 for work, but it would be great to inject leisure. It would be my first time in the area, and I'm totally clueless how summer is like in Japan. Appreciate if you could give tips and recommendations for must-see places, great food, & must-try stuff during this season.

Planning to go outside Tokyo also.  Anyone who has idea on unlimited Japan Rail Travel? Where to buy?

Thanks in advance!

Hi melai_r,

Usually for people visiting Tokyo I will recommend visiting Asakusa with it's Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Tower, Odaiba and Shibuya. Odaiba has quite a lot of things to see such as the Statue of Liberty, the world's only full size Gundam statue, views of Rainbow Bridge and great shopping malls, and Shibuya is a busy and exciting shopping area which is pretty cool and there are lots of restaurants and shops. There is also Harujuku, famous for it's fashion and where you can see lots of people dressed up in strange and sometimes bizarre clothes. And you mustn't miss Character Street under Tokyo Main Station. Here all the Japanese cartoon characters have their own stores. Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Studio Ghibli, Doraemon, Tomica, Snoopy, Ultraman, Lego, Dragonball, Tamagotchi and so many others. There is even a Gundam Cafe there.

For great food, you'll find it everywhere. But if you find the food difficult to eat then know that Japan has a love affair with Italian food because you will see Italian restaurants everywhere.

If you have time, I think it is well worth visiting Kyoto with it's fascinating history, beautiful temples, great food and shopping. Actually you can find out so much about Kyoto on the internet. If it's raining then there is a huge shopping mall under Kyoto Station.

I usually spend time visiting Shizuoka and the area surrounding Mount Fuji. If you have the time you can rent a car easily from places such as Mishima which takes about  50 minutes from Tokyo on the Shinkansen Bullet train. Then drive around Mount Fuji visiting it's many lakes and sites.

Many visitors to Japan buy the Japan Rail Pass, which allows you free unlimited travel on all the JR line trains and which covers much of Tokyo, as well as on the Shinkansen Bullet trains which means you can easily visit other cities like Osaka and Kyoto. You should check with a travel agent or the Japanese Embassy in Manila to find out where to buy the pass. It is valid for either one, two or three weeks and it isn't cheap. If you decide to buy the pass, you'll need to show your passport and plane ticket and give an itinerary of where you will visit in Japan. My advice is to buy the ordinary pass and not the green pass. The green pass is for reserved seating and is really unnecessary and a lot more expensive. Also, you will need to book the JR Pass as quickly as possible as it may take a couple of days to get it issued. Please also note that you absolutely cannot buy the JR Pass in Japan. You need to buy it while you are still outside of Japan.

You can read up about the Japan Rail Pass on the following link:

Japan Rail Pass


Hi Hansson,

Wow, this is so useful! Thanks for all these info, such a great help!

Thank you so much.

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Hi Melanie,

My pleasure. Tokyo is an amazing city so hope you have a memorable time this summer.


Japan in summer is not suitable to visit, so hot and humility as this country if in Tokyo, tree not much and shelter everywhere. Not easy to get a rest under shade. Spring or autum is best

Thanks Hansson! Surely will do.

Thanks lamp. Yeah will try to go back another season. :)

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