Coming to Tokyo, Japan (seeking for advice)

Hello friends

Greetings from California, USA!

I just got a teaching offer from a Japanese University. I will be living and working in Tokyo. I fluently speak French and English, but no Japanese at all, and my courses would be taught in English. And arrangement about accommodation, visa process and immigration papers would be taken care of. Still, I am still reluctant and I have a concern: would I be able to "survive" and be happy? Are they many English and French speaking in Tokyo?Still, would I be able to "survive" and be happy?

I need some advice, suggestions or tips. I do not really know if I should accept the offer or if I should say NO or postpone it.


Hi there,

There are many expats that live in Tokyo and do not speak Japanese or only very little.

So the answer is yes, you will be able to live here just fine. Whether or not you will be happy, honestly no one can say except you and only once you do live here...

That being said, if you wish to truly immerse yourself then it's a good idea to learn a bit of Japanese. You can enroll in a language school or maybe your university has something available or self study.

hello everybody,
I would like where i can take shiatsu course for 2 days at tokyo any time.
Is there some schools available?
Thanks in adavance,

Hello, my name is Takashi.  I'm Japanese and living in Tokyo.

I hope I can help you to live in Tokyo.

If you have any question about living in Japan, feel free to message me.

Takashi Ogura

Thanks for your reply, im looking for shiatsu stage Septembre 21th or 22th at tokyo.
Could you tell me an adress please?
I speak ô my english.
Thanks in advance,

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