where to buy cetaphil baby?

Hi there,

Does anybody know where I could buy cetaphil baby range here in saigon? Thanks in advance! Cheers

Ask nearest medical stores (pharmacies)  :)
Not sure your location to guide a particular shop.
Check this site. They have delivery service.

Sang Pharma appears to be the official Cetaphil distributor 'round these parts:

Sang Pharma Co., L.T.D.

...and please don't call me baby!

you can buy in Hồng Châu drug store in Hai Ba Trung street.

cetaphil, what is it mean ??? google stranlate dont stranlate for me ???

It's a brand name that doesn't appear to have a meaning.

Is it potable and does it give one a hangover?

eodmatt :

Is it potable?

Only in Colorado and Washington.

eodmatt :

Does it give one a hangover?

Not if it's administered via one's rectum...:|....according to Google, that is!

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