Moving to PR

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Rey, hopefully, you won't have to spend another winter in the states.

Yes if i can help it no more winters. The good thing is that I am still working, paying SSN, adding to 401k, etc. so if things are delayed, no problem other than the winter which I hate.

Hi guys - I realize this is an old thread but I hope you will see it.  My partner and I are under contract with a house on Vieques and have finally received the inspection report (PM me if you want my full rampage and 2 cents worth on the inspection itself).... but it did reveal termite damage.  Feeling very in the dark here...does anyone have any recommendations for pest/termite inspectors and also termite remediation?  Thank you so much! Diane

Termites are just about everywhere, most any untreated wood will come under attack.

Assuming the damage is not critical here: get a local exterminator and have them give you an estimate. You may also need a person to make repairs to the property depending on what has been affected.

Termites get on anything like books and photo albums besides wood, so you want all of that out. Before you move your stuff, have the place fumigated.

Also look for their hive and have that removed and all trails to ensure they are all dead.

Make the elimination a purchase requirement!!!!

Have the whole house check and fumigated. If they're in the house wood it means the wood is not treated and you will have to keep fumigating. Make sure you exterminate all insects and replace the damage wood. They are normal in the island, most people will build with treated wood because of that reason.

If you decide to buy the house, buy TEMPO, it's sold at most agrocenters in the mainland. We used to eliminate some colonies on our trees and it kill them quick.

I hate winter too and I am from new York and winter already started in late august and ends by july 4th. so iu must move. winter is any time the night low drops below 62 degrees. says puetro rico has only few days of winter when air blasts comes down from artic

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