workload in qatar

Hey every one
let me start this way, i am not complaining but working in Qatar has changed my idea about working in general. I am an expat teacher and this is my second year in Qatar.  i love my job but the work load is tremendous , i feel stressed all the time and i know i'm not the only one.
Having such a work load really bothers me but at the same time i can't deny that i have learned a lot. i would like to know about ur experiences as far as work load is concerned.

Work is work afer all. Its how we are dealing with it.
These days lot of companies terminating employees due to current economic crisis. We have to coverup others work as well.

Allways advisable not to take so much load.. 
Relax and happy weekend.

yea i believe you it's so stressing with the character of the individuals but however always try hard to be stress free,set a target on what you want to achieve and the rest ignore,try to have or find people who fit in your ways and associate with them to have a stress free mind.for me when i  had just come in Qatar i was almost going to terminate the contract,i was going through a lot of pressure,psychological   stress,and many more had to learn the other handling way of ignoring what maybe

well for me it is really frustrating that work never finishes. even when i leave work i still have so much stuff to do at home that are related to work. It is awful not to feel free, there is always something missing and i am not slow usually i manage to do everything fast and yet it is not enough

then if it is so,partly you will have to sacrifice and try to hire some one who can help you out with the work load,privately,only you will be able to guide him or her on what to work out.thats how you should negotiate the deal.try to find some one who can work out with you on minimal payments.
think about that.

It's hard - I am a teacher too - it's one of those jobs that doesn't end when you go home - you are constantly thinking about it or working on something to support lessons.  Every year I think I am doing more than before - when you think it would get easier but every year/class/child is different and it is a lot of work... that's why many quit.

well the tones of administrative work that make no sense at all doesn't allow me to take care of each case or be creative,  some kids are left behind , it kills me amd i can't do anything about it.

that's why you have to take your vacation and enjoy it. do enjoy it and practice stress relieving activities

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