Married UK Citizen and now in Glasgow! Help with Resident visa process

Hello out there!
I applied for a settlement visa several months ago because I married a UK citizen two months ago and just arrived in the Glasgow to live last week.  Not sure where or who I need to speak to next to become a resident?  I've made a few calls but keep getting the run around and told I've been given the wrong visa and have to either hire an agency or start over again.  I paid £956 for my visa and certainly hope this isn't the case.
It's a confusing, frustrating process without one person having direct or accurate information without getting passed on to somewhere else.  Can anyone please give me helpful information on their experiences or who to go to next?


Hi Monica,
What visa are you holding now?
Since you said that you just arrived in UK last week - did you apply your settlement visa from outside UK? You should contact the office where you put the application.

Hello Monica,

Something not quite right here... you say you are in Glasgow? (I am in Glasgow). If you applied for a settlement "spouse of a UK/EU/EEV citizen" then you should have a Visa type: "D - SPOUSE/CP of (partners name)". Along with that visa you would have received from the issusing Embassy a letter to enrol in the UK within 10 days for a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). Can you explain the Visa type as mentioned on the it a Visa type C or Visa type D?



Thank you for your response and I believe I was issued the incorrect visa.  Mine only states Marriage/CP and even after I received it I wrote back to the website that I believe I was issued the wrong visa and received a standard email that didn't get me anywhere.  I did the biometrics when I applied along with a huge package of information (bank statements, employment info, proof of our relationship...).
At this point I just need to figure out who it is I can speak to and have this corrected.  I've made a few unsuccessful calls saying that I need to start all over again, go back to the issuing agency in Germany where I applied, pay legal fees to speak to someone about my issue, etc....would you happen to know the right immigration office in Glasgow I can go to?



I believe I've been issued the incorrect visa and was issued just an expensive Marriage visa! I did apply outside the UK in Germany but they are only a processing center and not able to help.  I'm going to try and go down to several of the immigrations offices here in Glasgow and hope someone can sort me out.
Thanks for your reply.


Hello Monica,

The UK Border and Immigration Agency is located at: Festival Court, 200, Brand St, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G51 1DH. Phone number 0141 555 1200

My I ask a few questions...

1. Did you apply for the Visa BEFORE you were married? (if so that could be the problem)

2. Were you married in the UK? (If so that is NOT normally permitted under a general visitor visa although as an American Citizen you would be visa exempt as a tourist)

3.How long have you previously resided in the UK?

It appears from your Visa type that you have a visa to get married...and not a Spouse visa. However a visa to get married does not cost what you have paid....

over to you



Yes, I did apply and had my visa before I was married then married in the UK.  I also have never resided here in the UK and now this is making much more sense from what you are explaining to me. 
The marriage visa reads you can get married in the UK but not reside therefore applied for the settlement visa to join my husband when I moved here last month.   Yes, I would have gladly paid the £85 versus what I did but now I have to figure out where I go from here in this process. 
Thank you for the address and will try the immigrations office tomorrow and see what they tell me.

Hello Monica,

Ok, that explains everything. I wish you success in getting the visa changed, however you may have to leave the country to get it changed, hopefully without charge. The only extra charge will be the IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge)...£600, plus the cost of the Biometric Residence ...only £18 :-)



I called the immigration service from the number you gave me and was given another number but that clerk was able to help me it seemed.  As he stated the visa's are confusing and need to now apply for an extension to stay on a FLRM form.  Fee appears to be £649, biometrics again, apply for the health surcharge again but not have to leave to apply.  I think I may be out of pocket unfortuantely as far as the settlement visa :-(.

Thank you for your help and getting me in the correct direction!



Sounds good to me

Best of luck



So are in you Scotland on a Spouse Visa? If so, that is good for 30 months, the you have to reapply the same way for FLR (further leave to remain). That allows you to stay for an additional 30 months. It is only after that- a total of 5 years that you can apply for ILR (indefinite leave to remain) and once you have that- Citizenship. If you don't have a Spouse Settlement Visa, then you have the wrong one.



Thank you for your response and I'm trying to figure out exactly which visa I'm on because I applied for a Settlement and my passport is stamped Marriage but good for only 6 months.  I did get married to a British citizen in the last few months and believe there is a mix up on my visa regardless.  The Spouse Visa sounds correct but trying to get answers on my Settlement application, why its stamped for only 6 months and/or to correct the visa and not have to pay all the cost again. 
I'm just not having any luck getting two of the same answers from anyone from the help line or immigrations offices so I would know exactly how to proceed. 



I'm no expert, but It does sound like you may have the wrong visa.  I think the 'fiancé' visa is only good for 6 months & then you have to leave and apply for a Spouse Settlement Visa, but I'm not 100% sure that's correct.

I got a lot of help from people at the following website:

Once there, click on 'Community' and go to 'forum'.  You'll have to register to post, but there are several people who are regularly online and very knowledgeable when it comes to visa stuff.

Good luck,

Hello Monimail.  Firstly, what type of visa did you applied for?


I applied for a settlement visa.


I think that's where you problem comes in. I think you should have applied for a Spousal Visa. That give you 2 1/2yrs in the UK &when that time is almost up you apply again for another 2 1/2yrs. After you've completed that 5yrs then you can become a citizen. But of course there are channels and procedures that you have to follow.

My husband is a British citizen and I'm a Jamaican and that's what we did.

Hope this might help. Also if Im not mistaken I think a Michael was relating something similar to you.

Thank you for the reply and the Spousal Visa sounds like what I need but my issue now is I did apply for the Settlement Visa and trying to find out why they only gave me a 6 month Marriage visa.  A marriage visa is only £85 and I paid £956 so need to know what happens next and why they stamped my visa that way.



Use this link as though you are outside the UK... they are normally very helpful and get back to you within 24 hours:



Hi ,,
My name Amy ,I'm from indonesia and I'm a new member here ☺☺
Nice to meet U all 😊😊
Any way ,it's any body can explain to me How can I get Resident visa for UK ,, my husband is UK resident and we get married in Asia , now we plan to move permanent in UK. We been stay in Scotland for 1 month and I come here with tourists visa ( I have 5 years touris visa ).
Please any body give me some information ,, I really appreciate for any body help


Hello Amy,

Welcome to Expat's ....

I have 3 concerns here:

1. Are you actually married? You say "we get married" not got married...
2. If you actually got married in Asia, is this marriage recognised in the UK? Depends where and who married you...
3. It is impossible to get a 5 year tourist Visa in the UK unless you have had many visits with a maximum of 6 months on each visit. What is the current actual status of your UK Visa?

Will be able to help you after you clarify these points...  :)



Hi ,
Yes we got married in singapore and that recognise in UK ,,
Yes I got 5 year's visa coz we been in UK view times,,
Thanks  :)

Hello Amy,

Ok that's good!

Your 5 year visitor visa will NOT help you to get any sort of UK have to be in the UK for 5 continuous years for residency....

You have only one route to take and that is to apply for "To join family living permanently in the UK" as a SPOUSE.

You have to apply for this visa OUTSIDE of the UK.... Indonesia?

Once you have the Visa you will be granted a BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) which gives you the right to work in the UK, however this it NOT full UK have to wait 5 years to get a Full UK Residency.

Applying for this Visa is quite stressful and expensive however once you have it you will be happy, I am sure...

Apart from providing information to the Visa people regarding your partner's income and bank statements etc there are three other important things that you must obtain before applying for the visa:

1. You have to prove your knowledge of English by passing a test at an approved test centre. You need to get at least CEFR level A1. (There is a centre in Glasgow but you have to apply for the exam online). This will cost £ not worry, it is an easy verbal test! You can get on with this one now!

2. Because you are Indonesian, you’ll need to have a tuberculosis (TB) test ...

You’ll be given a chest x-ray to test for TB. If the result of the x-ray isn’t clear you may also be asked to give a sputum sample (phlegm coughed up from your lungs).

There is a test centre at a Hospital in Surabaya, and probably one in Jakarta. Here again, an appointment must be made online.

3. Your Indonesian passport must have at least 2 years validity left on it.

The cost of this Visa 1625 USD if being processed in Indonesia.
plus 800 USD for IHS (immigration Health Surcharge) ...this is mandatory.

The Visa will be for 33 months and then renewed

8 to 12 weeks is the normal visa processing time and you have to have your interview in person at a Visa Application Centre..... Jakarta?

This can be fast tracked to 10 days by using the premium visa service....

over to you



Hi ,,,
Thanks for all that information Michael,, I  really appreciate it,,
It's the English test have to be in UK or do accept if I do that in Indonesia ??
Or any I can do in aberdee  ( we leave in Aberdeen )

Hello Amy,

I cannot find a test centre in Aberdeen. Your nearest is Glasgow...

btw ..the test takes 15 mins

Yes, there are approved exam centres in Indonesia

goto … uage-tests




The process to become a UK resident is lengthy and expensive but possible.  I had to go to the website and apply for a Family visitors visa.  This is a 5 year process and when you first apply it is only for 2 1/2 years then you must apply again for another 2 1/2 years until you reach the 5 year period to be eligible for permeant residency.  As spouses that are not UK citizens we are basically on a prohibition period and you must prove relationship status, financial status, healthcare surcharges, background information and fill out a 70+ page application to get started.   

The website can be a bit confusing. Where to start can also depends on the status you have currently in your passport.  You mentioned a 5 year tourist visa that I'm not familiar with.  I'm American and each country is different.  I did find passport advice line at times helpful (0300 222 0222) which I would suggest to call to find out with your current status which application you would need to apply for. 

Good luck,

Hi ,, Monica
Nice to meet U 😊😊😊
Yes I do have 5 years Family visit visa for UK,, ( indonesia - UK embassy,, U can apply 5 years family visit visa after U visit the country for view time ) .
I understand how U feel about applying visa for UK ,, we been through all that stressful.
Any way thanks for your information Monica,, 


Hello there!!
I'm married to a british citizen. Currently we live in Japan but now we've decided to move to Scotland in May. Please can someone tell me what exactly we need, to get my spouse visa.


You are either going to fall into either Applying to join family living permanently in the UK or Apply to remain in the UK with family depending on your circumstances and current immigration status. 
I did find passport advice line at times helpful (0300 222 0222) which I would suggest to call to find out with your current status which application you would need to apply for.  Hopefully you can call them and find out which visa application is correct. … mily-visas


Hello Monica,
Try to call  ***or email ***
I got my settlement visa June this year. I would help you .

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I think the English exam that has to be done by some of us spouses is not a quick test which I think was mentioned. It is in fact a certified IELTS exam that is a quite expensive test.My question is what in fact is easier/ better option and requirement wise- the settlement or the spouse visa? I am confused.The spouse visa is a hellish road.

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