Wanna hang out?

I've been living in Catalunya for almost 3 years. Right now I'm in Tarragona but I'm moving back to Barcelona this spring. Most of my friends are Catalans and since I'm still lost in translation I would love to find a few English speakers (or Swedish speakers) to hang out with.

I'm 27, originally from Sweden but spent many years living in Ireland. I love food (any brunch enthusiasts out there?), beach beer drinking, dancing, photographing, writing, running and talking about highs and lows, anything from my favourite game of throne character to world politics basically.

My Spanish is quite rusty still so we could struggle together while discovering smoky dark bars and new dance floors. I'm in Barcelona quite often so if there's anyone out there who'd wanna hang out let me know! :)

hey there ! well i am looking to expand my "friends" list in Barcelona.  so would love to meet up for a coffee
PM if you are around this week.

Hi, I've been living here about a year and a half now. I'm from Scotland originally but most of my pals are from Barcelona.   Wouldn't mind having out with some English speakers too.

Hi guys, I've been in Barcelona for 3 years now, originally from N.Ireland (studied in Scotland :)) but I'd love to meet up with some other English speakers!
Let me know if youse fancy it!

Hi Elnabettina,

I have just seen your post.
I am living in Barcelona, and I am able to hang out if you come to Barcelona.


Hey guys,

Nice to hear other people around Barcelona who speak English. I'd be up for hanging out. I'm living in Barcelona as well. Around 3 years now, originally from England.

It's funny how most of us have reached that 3 year mark and are reaching out to others now!


Check out meet . I joined up this week, added a couple of groups, and joined a few more. There is lots going on and it is a great way to meet new people whilst doing an activity you enjoy.

I'm headed there in late May and will be there for a few weeks if you want to meet , chat etc.  Heading to Barcelona and perhaps a jump over to Mallorca since it is close and cheap to get there.

Shall I assume you are no longer there, since the last post you have is from  Jan. 2016 ?  Just wondering if things were different to set up communication some.  Thanks !!

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