New members of the Ghana forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Ghana forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Ghana if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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I am Isabelle, a 36 years old french expat in Ghana for 2 years now. I followed my boyfriend there because of his work.
I am born in La Rochelle, in front of the Atlantic Ocean, but I was working  in Paris during 10 years after my business school as a district manager for "L'Occitane en Provence" group, a natural cosmetic and famous brand.
I love travelling, meeting people and culture without using necessaly much  money.
I think it is the most beautiful thing to learn from others, it helps you open yourself and accept human differences such as religion, culture, ideas...

So I started to write  blog in Febrary 2016 with the idea of sharing and showing the planet what is GHANA LIFE  from inside (and from my point of vue of course).
And first I needed to explain why I was here and in which conditions sharing expat tips to settle there.
I wanted to share about ghanaian life with showing places to visit and different environnements (villages, town) culture, shops, food, typical things (beads, coffin, fabrics as wax and kente...), according to my discoveries.

I want to share to everybody tips and hints to be an expat in Africa and to tell people that living here in Ghana  is worth it.
Please , enter in my expat experience:


My name is Osei Mensah Twumasi, I was born in Ghana but I have lived in the UK for about 45 Years.  I want to move  to come and settle in Ghana but I feel like a stranger in my own Country.
I am a retired Lecturer and I hold a doctorate degree in Computer Science but as I am retired now I don't intend to work any more, just to come and relax in the sunshine.
I've forgotten how to lve in Ghana and hence I registered to your site.
I hope you will teach me a thing or two

Hello Osei
I would be please to talk to you about life in Ghana in 2016!

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Life in Ghana is pretty cool nowadays as to compare to 45 yrs ago when u left.Try and learn to speak any of the local language if u don't remember how to speak now.
Enjoy your stay in Gh when u returned.

I am Marijana from Canada, a summa cum laude undergrad of History, with distinction, with over 15 years of legal administrative experience, and I am planning to move to Ghana at the end of December 2016, to marry my fiancée and also live in Ghana with him until we can get his paperwork done to move back to Canada which will take a while, at least a year and a half.  So I want to learn everything I can about Ghana and this forum seems to be the place to go to.  I am also trying to secure a job before I get there as well so if any one can shed any ideas about employment it would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from the many expats that are on this forum about love, life and work in Ghana.  Thank you.

what kind of work are you looking for?

I am looking to work in a law firm setting or the embassies as a visa officer, or in any other firms that are looking for experienced administrative staff.  Thank you.

I'm Journey
I am looking to move to Ghana from the UK
My first time moving abroad and I know that there is a lot to do...

Looking forward in making my move a permanent move :D

Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Journey16, Looking for info to make your move smoother  :) Do not hesitate to read the threads under the different categories of the Ghana forum or even create your own topic, you will be able to gather some info and at the same time interact with members.

All the very best,

Wish you all the luck :D please let me know if I can help in anyways!



This is Bobby from Brisbane Australia . I am moving to Ghana in few weeks .. I was wondering where to find cheap accommodation and how to find it . I will be living in Accra .

I understand as soon as I reach Ghana I may be able to apply for foreign residency card , But should I be able to do import products (T-shirt ) for small quantity  by using this card or I need to find some ghanian local resident to do it .

I would also like to meet people from this forum just to look around the country

Look at the GIPC website to find out how to do business in Ghana. A residents permit does not allow you to work so you will need another form of permit if you are going to trade.
Once you get here I'm sure you will find lots of people who will be willing to show you round.
As for accommodation it really depends on how basic you want it and location but most landlords ask for payment up front for one or two years so be prepared for that. Look at to get some idea of what is available. Make sure you are genuinely dealing with the landlord before you hand over any money

Thanks for the reply ..I only need to stay couple of weeks at start then go back to Australia then after few months come back again .... So where to look for short stay accommodation ?

Try and see what is available. Otherwise try trip advisor for hostels or cheap hotels

My name is Osei Mensah, a retired University Lecturer. I came to England over 40 years ago.
I am planning to come and settle in Ghana and where better to get help than from the Expat Community.
I have PhD in Computer Science and I have a family in the Amansie District in Ghana.  Clearly I have forgotten how to live in Ghana and any help no matter how small or irrelevant you might consider it may be very useful to me
I am coming with my wife but all the children (4 of them) are grown and have their own families.
I am thinking of coming to Ghana some time in January next year.
Any advise very welcome,

Hey Guys!

Great that this forum exists! I just recently moved to Ghana for work. I'll be working with MDF West Africa here for the coming two years, we do training and consultancy, and I'll be working with agribusinesses mostly.

My office (and house) are in Adrijinganor. Still debating whether to look for a car as they are quite expensive here - any advice on this? I am looking for a bike (after all; I'm still Dutch ;)) so please let me know if you know of a reliable place that sells bikes!

Lastly, I'd love tips on where to take friends and family when they visit! I've seen the touristic sights on previous trips (elmina, kakum, kokrobite) but would love to hear about your favorite places!



i am Dorcas, Togolese, 22 years. i have recently completed my BA in English and i have a certificate in managing assistance. i would like to venture in Ghana for professional life but i don't really know how to proceed. i feel like been at the right place to gt informed.


You are welcome.  There are still more places and many cultures and traditions you are yet to know. 
Welcome to Ghana.  Home away from home. ..
Get in touch to learn more discoveries.

Preferably home used bikes. Those are less expensive and affordable.  Contact any  of your local gh friends to take you to *carprice* ..They have a lot and different types of bikes there. But it's advisable u go with a local friend. Yes cars are expensive.  If you have one back home,  you can import it down and use it. That means you pay for only import duty and shipping fee. After your two years of stay and work, if you wish to  back to germany then you can sell it here in Ghana and use the earnings from the sales to buy a new car there. Selling it could get you not enough but many times the cost you bought it. Goodluck

Welcome. .Ghana is home away from home. U are welcome any time.

Hi, I'm new. My husband is going to work in Tarkwa Ghana on January. I am so unsure about everything. How is living there? Is it safe for kids? I am considering to join him a bit later with my kids but would first like to know a little more.
Thank you

Ghana is a safe place in general. Tarkwah is also safe and it's out of the main cities...might not be so exciting there since its a mining town. Fan stuff and conveinet places like malls, cinemas, conntinetal restaurants etc are centered in the cities...but safety is definitely guaranteed...allow the best

I can assure you that Ghana is one of the safest place in Africa.  Tarkwa is in the Western Region, I attended college there so many years ago.  It is a mining town but there are lot of places you could visit with Tarkwa as a base.  The children I can assure you will be safe indeed.


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