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Hey guys I will be finishing up school on Dec. 9th and myself and my fiancé are planning on moving to Phnom Penh. She is wheelchair bound and I was wondering if any of you had any insight on living in Phnom Penh with a disability. Thank you and I'm happy to be here!

HI, Shakira! I am also a teacher and am moving to Siem Reap in early October.  I hope our paths will cross!


Well, it's not a fun city for pedestrians and even less so for wheelchairs.  Sidewalks are generally blocked to free access, and there are few smooth level frontages, through most businesses have no step at the front door. Few buildings have lifts, though the building boom of the last 8 years is bringing modern condos and malls.

On the plus side there are plenty of people around to help, appreciating a small tip (even 12 cents). People are generally helpful and can spare a moment.

Tuk tuks would manage a chair though the access may be slightly undignified.

Thanks Tom, good to see I won't be alone!

Hi everyone, I'm Chris. I plan to come out to Phnom Penh in November for at least 6 months. I'm a self employed consultant in learning and development and project management and I've many years experience in railway operations and training.
Any advice on apartment hunting or part time work will be gratefully received.

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Phnom Penh.

StephenK :

Hey guys I will be finishing up school on Dec. 9th and myself and my fiancé are planning on moving to Phnom Penh. She is wheelchair bound and I was wondering if any of you had any insight on living in Phnom Penh with a disability. Thank you and I'm happy to be here!

Phnom Penh would be terrible for wheelchair access, much better would be Siem Reap or Sihanoukville.

Hi!  Let me know how it goes as I am interested in moving to this same region with similar ambitions. :)

Hi, All!!!  My name is Jennifer and am curious how graphic designers  or jewelry designers do in Siem Reap.  Even if it's me teaching others the trade. I have been designing my entire life.  I love the outdoors and sometimes wish I wasn't locked up in this cage all day. ;) Also another interest of mine would be to open an adventure tourist kinda place doing ATVs or something similar to that.  I also love food... so I am not opposed to opening a restaurant as well. What are some thoughts on this... last how hard is it to homeschool or what schools are good for the little ones as the family might be expanding when I arrive. :) Happy travels all!

What immunizations do people get when they travel to Cambodia as this is my biggest concern as well as with the pets. Dogs and cats.

Hi Jeniffer, Everything you mention is already being done here and every other shop is a restaurant in Siem Reap. The commercial property rents are very high but the apartments are quite reasonable.
Its very hard for expats to make a living through self-employment but it is possible, I've managed for almost 17 years but I have the support of my amazing Cambodian wife. I do know a jewellery designer here and she makes it work by also doing work shops for a few hours for tourists & locals and they get to make a piece of jewellery to keep. Best of luck with your endeavors.

hi everyone

im shin. im a taiwanese . i just moved to phnom penh a week ago. now im working for an property management company in diamond island.wanna make some friends here.
you can contact me.

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Hello, I am Stephen or Stephane in French (also German), I am a teacher of French working online at the moment but hoping to get a post in Cambodia, Siem Reap is my wish. Will be moving to Cambodia in December departure Dec 13th, I'm very excited about my new life, I am into  spiritual growth, meditations, spiritual learning/teaching, i want to get a home with a swimming pool and have fun with new friends at the swimming pool, on a motorbike, in a bar, a restaurant... hope to meet you there and share wonderful times of joy, happiness and peace with you !
I will be looking for someone to share a flat with for a total of $600 or $300 each in order to have space and a better place but also company, male or female, any nationality is great for me.. non-smoker, friendly, maybe a new best friend hehe ! Otherwise never mind, it will happen eventually in the future;

All the best to you all !

Thanks for the insight.  My husband is Cambodian too so we would more than likely purchase a home rather than rent.  Maybe rent just to get to know the area. It's good to know that everything is already being done as that shows the growth happening all around.  I hope whatever it is I get into that I can help the local community while I do it. :)  Cheer!

Hi. I've been in Cambodia since 1993 and can be a help to you. I can pick you up at the PP airport and drive to your hotel or visit my mission center in Kampong Cham Province (about 110 km NE from the airport) for you to stay (all free of charge!). I  am a Christian missionary from southern California, OC.
My contact is ***. Am available from Nov 22, 2016. I serve as an international director of the Harvest Mission International.

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Free?  Nothing is really free:-)  Is an donation expected?:-)

Thank you for your generosity.  I will not need help getting around though. Thanks.

HeLLo everyone ...

I am new here on the forum and I am soon going to Phnom Penh !

There are so many things I am trying to do within a month and it seems so exciting to see how the future hoLds for me. I have been offered so many apts., but the empLoyment side has been nothing so far. In Taipei, Taiwan, 2011, it took me four months before finding my first job because it was off season. ALthough that was great to be determined, it exhausted me as a person, so I am hoping December is hiring season in PP. :)

If you have any tips, share them with me.

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Llanding in PP for 5 months on a spur of moment change of plan,just booked flight today,land 30/11, after working off-grid in central Portugal for the last month.
I lived and worked in Thailand for several years as a resort manager.probably do some volunteer work before returning for my deckchairs business in Uk. Interested in semi,then permanent move
happy for meets/coffee/beer/walks/info share.  looking for apt rental too


johnny deckchairs:-D

HI guys, my sister and I will be in Phnom Penh on the 30th November, we are looking for accommodation to rent for 2 months. We are natives of New Zealand and looking to make friends, get out to see the sights among the locals. Please feel free to add us.


I've been living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for 8 years now, questions, need help in anything, message me. Also looking for a job, if you know one, let me know. Ahhhh I'm not picky anymore lol.

Yep, I'm a new member here.

Hi there everyone.I've been living here since April this year.It's my second time here,I lived here for 3 years around 2009.It was quite different then as things hadn't started to take off as they are now.

I'm from New Zealand but have been living in Australia for a long time so I really call myself an Australian.I have also lived in Thailand.

Last time I was here I lived in Boengkeng Kang and was growing flowers.This time I'm living in Chroy Changvar and looking into some new ideas.

Hope to make some new friends and acquaintances.

I am Joe Acevedo from New York City, I moved to Battambang Cambodia 6 months ago. My fiance is a native Cambodian. I am working as a teacher at Dewey International School Elite in Battambang. I really like Cambodia, and their food. I can also speak Spanish and Khmer ( beginner's level Kh ) I am TEFL certified.

Llanding in Cambodia for 5 months on a spur of moment change of plan,just booked flight,land 30/11,Got a few nights in PP before heading to Kampot for position via Helpx site at Flowers Homebrew and Suishi Pub I've been  working off-grid in central Portugal for the last month.I lived and worked in Thailand for several years as a resort manager.I return for my deckchairs business in Uk in April/May. Interested in semi,then permanent move
happy for meets/coffee/beer/walks/info share. 


johnny deckchairs:-D

Hi Khemera! I am Anthony. I plan to move to PP around February. Perhaps u can help me to find housing. I Will add u to my contacts.


My name is Tim. I am an IT management professional with 20 years of international experience and moved to Cambodia 9 months ago.  I am currently working as Group Head of IT for a holding company in Phnom Penh.  Prior to coming here I lived and worked in China for more than 10 years.

I find Cambodia to be quite nice and I am looking to meeting more people...

Hi Tim,

Glad you like it here, by the way do you or anyone you know have use for a Dell Edge 320T Server with genuine microsoft Server Professional software, including a proper computer cabinet with fans and modem?

Not at the moment but if I hear of anyone looking for some server hardware I will let you know.

Hi Tim,

It's not just the software its the complete server


Aloha Kawehi! I too am from Hawai'i - Big Island. I am planning to move to Siem Reap in January. I would like to be in touch with another kama'aina over there. At da very least maybe you get Pidgin?

Hello! My name is Jessica and my husband and I plan on moving to Cambodia next year. We have been to Cambodia before and spent a couple of months exploring the Country and border Countries.

We have been looking in the area of the Russian market to live. We also have a big dog we plan on bringing....I was wondering if anyone brought there dog there and how the process was. We want to make if easy as possible for her because she does get anxious sometimes.

I am also wondering if there are good vets and places to get dog food. Any info would be great!

I am a social worker and will be looking for a job, I have a Master's degree...if anyone could help me with a good link or someone who could help me with a job.

I look forward to moving to Cambodia and meeting you all :)

There are good vets, when you come, ask on Facebook locals and expats living in Phnom Penh page.

One major employment site is
International sites like Devex and reliefweb have Cambo jobs.

Hi, everybody. I am Chinese. Hope to you more friends.

Welcome!  I lived in China for 11 years prior to moving here.

Hi welcome

hi there, i am elroy from holland. Soon am i going too Cambodia too travel and too life for a few months or maybe longer. I wanne know if there are any jobs for me. I have a lot of experience as a bartender for like 10 years right now. If somebody knows something just say so. Any information is welcome. Thnx btw. See yah guys soon in cambodia.

Hi everyone  :) ,
Pleased to meet y'all,
i'm Eric a happy and friendly french man , i live in PP, i'm looking for job/ volontary job and making/meeting news peoples/friends .
Don't hesitate to drop me a line ;)

Oh, Nice to see you sir Do you speak Chinese also?

All of the above (Makewa's post) plus in downtown PP most vehicles park on the sidewalk so you have to get in the road to get from point A to point B.  There are many handicapped locals and it is next to impossible for them to find work.

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