Setting up a small business in Cyprus


We are moving to Cyprus (Larnaca) in February and are opening a new but small Business

We have been trying to organise with a Lawyer in Larnaca to set up the Business before we get there, we at first assumed it would be similar to the UK, but after research and discussions we have found it not to be as straight forward.

We are looking for a one man band solicitor as we were told this would reduce costs, but all we ever seem to come across is consultants, we have been quoted by a local solicitor €4000 for initial set up of the Business, and have been told we will need to register for VAT straight away costing another €1500, then would have to see the Accountant every 3 months.

I find it strange that "Rip Off Britain" Freshold for VAT is £82,000 and Cyprus €15,600 but yet Cyprus is very popular for people setting up a Business.

So I suppose I am wondering if anyone has a small business in the Larnaca area and could please help in maybe finding a Solicitor and Accountant that comes reccommended, as our Business won't be earning mega money, we can't afford to get the on-going services of both the Solicitor and Accountant wrong.

Any advice would be most grateful, thank you for taking your time to read this post. :)

Hello Rachal1084,

Maybe you could start your search by having a look at the Financial services in Cyprus section of the directory, you will find the contacts of some professionals recommended by members.

All the best,


Thank you for your reply, I will definitely have a look, a lot of the confusion I had has been cleared up now, we wasn't aware that we really needed to set up as a sole trader rather than a Compnay it really does make all the difference, not so daunting now :)


what business is it?


It's hiring luxury extras to the Wedding Industry


very nice.
u will do well.

good luck

Hallo Rachel! we are also planning to move back to cyprus and start own small Business. May i ask you email or skype? my email is  xxx i have something to talk to to. thanks

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