Internship in France / Conventio de stage

Yes fashion and design by Be Student Again is amazing

Actualy the design and fashion is very interesting and well done

Two of my friends have choosed design and fashion with be student again and they are delighted

Yes that s also my point of view

And it s also interesting to see more and more students involved in this education cursus


Do you know the minimum level required to pretend an internship with Be Student Again ?

Okay i got the answer, baccalauréat and after

A friend of me has done an internship just after one year in university and was delighted

He said to me that they were very kind and clear when he called be student again, they were very helpful, accordino to him

Yes that’s true, they are available and always nice

I did fashion and design and enjoyed

Me too !

yes fashion and design courses that you can find in bestudentagain are high quality !

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