Looking to rent apartment in Danang, advice please

Hi folks,

I'm heading to Danang for a few months and need an apartment.  Previous posts had useful information, but the threads were 2014 or older.  Having housing costs increased dramatically?  I've checked, and and the prices vary so much–$250 to $700–for places that look pretty similar.

I want a lot of sunlight, at least a queen bed and preferably a king, a full bathtub, and nothing on the first floor.  What's the price range for such an apartment?  If I can afford an ocean view, that would be terrific.  I don't want to go higher than $600, but if I can get what I need for less, the saved money would definitely be meaningful to me.  I don't want to pay an extra $150 for a big TV or a stainless steel fridge.  And an ocean view would be great, but not great enough to pay an extra $200 a month.

I would appreciate any guidance you can offer.

Oh, and does it matter if I get a serviced apartment?  Aren't there reputable independent cleaning agencies I can hire?

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Forget it.
Apartments in buildings with ocean view only from 10 storeys and up.
All resorts have houses along the beach, but not in town, but definitely not the prices you demanded. Wake up, have you ever seen houses for Vietnamese along the beach? That area is reserved for those who have a lot to invest. In Da Nang I can recommend the condo Azura but the prices are high for your small wallet. Otherwise at $650 per month you can find interesting houses in Hoi An, with all comforts, but away from the ocean.
I do not understand, Vietnam is not Florida, what you thought to find?

I'm awake Joss; I've just never been to Vietnam before.  I had never seen any houses in Vietnam at all, on the beach or otherwise, before last week.  And I have had exactly no experience whatsoever with the housing market in Danang until the past two days.  What I have found is a lot of advertisements for apartments with ocean views for $600 a month.  It is helpful to know that this is not realistic.  So even though your tone was not friendly, nonetheless I appreciate the advice.  I also have no idea what you're talking about, with regards to Florida.

Then if my inexpensive ocean view beach dreams are a fantasy, does anyone have practical advice as to where in Danang I should be looking for a decent place?

Thank you,


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As I.said earlier. There is a new apartment, fully furnished, beautiful Seaview one bedroom for $450 in my building.  No tub but big shower.  One block from the sea with no obstructions  There are a few along the beachfront.  Some of the hotels have apartments also.  Serviced apartments are overpriced. With no sea view or sliver view.

I was maybe not so friendly but I tried to open your eyes. I just said that before making such requests must go to Da Nang and realize by yourself how is organized the real estate market. Da Nang is filling up with businessmen from all over the world, but also of rich Vietnamese who leave mainly Hanoi and migrate to the South. With a new terminal at the airport (opened in December 2012) and the port very efficient, the city attracts all those who want to establish their business and live better and far as possible from pollution at extreme levels in the two major Vietnamese cities.

The comparison with Florida was to emphasize the fact that the beaches in Vietnam are not all free as there, if anything, are modeled on the system of many countries in the Middle East where you can built houses only if you have money, preferably a lot.
With the growth of Da Nang also it increased the supply of new housing, but prices rose, due to the market: if there is a demand also rising prices.

I advise you to follow the advice of Gary and accept his offer, the better I do not think you can get. Apartments with big bathtubs you find only in ultra-luxury homes, out of reach of your budget.'re rude. Fellow was just asking for advice not a condescending lecture.

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