Expat communities in Da Nang

Are there any certain areas, communities, or condo buildings where mainly foriengers with Vietnamese wives/families live? (Long term living)

Probably the Old Quarter, "Old Streets". I never go there, but I think that's where they all hang out and live.

Oops, sorry...just saw it said Da Nang. I could've sworn it said Hanoi when I replied.

Just the restaurants.  Red Sky, The Fish and Chips shop, Limoncello and a few bars. I only goto the restaurants and see the odd expat.

There will be a small town in My Khe beach for the foreigners coming soon!

I have only been to Da Nang once but I did notice a place called Bamboo Bar that had a definite expat vibe from the outside.  It is on a corner of Bach Dang which is next to the river and between the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge.   Nice location.

The village, the coffee shops at the beach, sky bar, Minsk, Gozar, xichlo, dawn bar ( and ofcourse all the restaurants in the area) .... These are common locations you'll see expats at. Specially the dawn,  the village and Minsk....

What do you mean? Didn't understand. Like a condo?

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