Volunteer work in BH

Hi, I will be moving to BH in January 2016 (coming from Belgium).
I will be there for a year or so with a students visa, learning Portuguese.
Any tips on volunteer work in BH? Helping people, animals, ...

Hi Karen,

There are many volunteer opportunities in BH! I am familiar with a couple...please let me know what kind of volunteering you are interested in.


I will be in Florianopolis (Sao Jose) in March 2016. Let me know also if there is any volunteer opportunities.
I can give computer Teaching, computer repair training and so on related to IT field in English.

I don't know yet what exactly I want to do. I would like to know what kind of options there are so I can choose something. So, what options are there? Can you get me in contact with the couple?
PS: I am learning Portuguese, so the work doesn't have to be in English.


Here is the website for the organization that I work with.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

link under review.

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link under review.

Hello nasir_acc80,

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Thanks Mr. James,
That site is not look like a volunteer organization. I review it and for registration it ask to donate (That is lovely).
We are giving our services as volunteer and sponsors should donate but over that organization volunteer will donate too (Making me laugh).
By the way thanks for volunteer link.
God bless

No it's not a volunteer organization, it's a social group in Belo Horizonte for expats. They certainly would be able to put you in touch with volunteer groups in the city if you are interested.

Minas International also holds regular get-togethers and "fun nights" in Belo Horizonte so you can get to meet other expats who live there. You really should check it out.

James Experts Team


Did you find it?

I´m also looking for it. I speak English/Portuguese.

Have a good day..
I would like to ask if you know some volunteringf jobs in brazil particularly in the city of Belo Horizonte  by teaching English ...

Looking forward to your reply ..

                                                  Best Regards,

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