Belo Horizonte

Hi, I am Irish and living in BH with my girlfriend (Gabriela - Brazilian) who I met when we were both studying in France. I am looking for any help on getting a job in BH as well as any advice from foreigners about living in BH.

Hi Sean,

Welcome to! :)

Thank you for this introduction.

What type of job are you looking for? Please do not hesitate to ask specific questions on the forum.

For your job search, try to post an ad in the jobs in Belo Horizonte section.

Good luck,

Hi there,

I would definitely recommend getting involved in Minas International

Hellow Ajernigan,
    I just wanted to know how to get in touch with Minas International.... Is there a specific site for it or can i just add it here in Expat site,,,, ?????

Advance thanks for the reply...

Here's the website:


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