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I am going to need some help from someone "on the ground" in Honduras....HELP!!!   My daughter is moving to HOnduras next year with a school scholarship programme.  We are still waiting on actual location.  I am trying to find out about mobile phones there and how much it would cost to get her a phone and set her up with a network.  Do all teenagers have phones there like here in New Zealand?  I am finding it hard to find any information about teenage life in Honduras.  Muchas gracias por su ayuda.

I answered your question when you asked on my blog, complete with cell phone company links.

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I am also interested in the answer as my husband and I are moving down soon, but I can't find it.   Help, please!

TIGO is the most provider. As of now. If you want to buy a cheap phone with low service $.., this is what you should do. I'm not sure what the price(s) will be coming before the end of 2015. Why ?!? A lot of new changes and internet changes are happening right now.

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Back to the cellular company... TIGO for sure. As I see it... Communist are others.

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I was told elsewhere I could bring my current Sprint phone and unlock it for Tigo (or Claro if we chose to go that route).  Would you agree with doing that?  I have no idea what the quality of phones is like or how expensive a comparable Android device might be.

I recommend that you get your cell phone at Captain Van's in West Bay. They have some good cell phones at reasonable prices, speak good English and can help you with your problems. They are good about that and you can get a better deal there than you can in Coxen Hole. It's just a lot simpler to deal with them. I got a good, reliable phone for about $30. If you bring a phone with you then you will need to get a sim card put in it that is compatible with a local network - either Claro or Tigo. I like to use Tigo. You can buy airtime at Captain Van's or from any number of other local sources. You can also buy airtime online, which it what I do because it is simpler and easier. I also use Tigo for my internet service and it seems to work pretty well.

Thanks for the advice!  You live on the island, though, right?  I would be quite close to the capital; maybe someone else will see this will advice for Tegucigalpa.

Yes, I live on Roatan and just assumed that was the area we were talking about. Anyway, there are numerous shops where one can get a cell phone for about $40 or less. And then you need to buy a sim card for 50 Lempiras (about $2.40.) I use Tigo celluar service and recommend it. Have them put an extra sim card in it for you so that if one screws up you will still have your phone number on the other one. Otherwise you will lose you phone number when the sim card wears out - and they do wear out. Numerous locations sell airtime in whatever amount you want. 100 Lempiras is a convenient amount for me to spend on it. So it really is not very expensive or very difficult to get set up with cell phone service here. Learned the hard way - do not remove battery to get at sim cards without first turning off the phone (stupid me.)

Extra sim card - GREAT advice that never would have occurred to me.  Thanks!

Hola! This thread is old and I dont why it activated itself. Anyway, this may help someone.
You can buy any cellphone on the intl market ih Honduras, from the latest IPhone and Samsung 8, to the cheapest brand. Everyone has a smartphone now, apparently. From city teenagers to country teenagers. Its hard to find anyone that doesnt have a cellphone. Wherever you go, be it a small city to a big city, you will find stores to buy and shops to fix everything (some restrictions may apply) There are people apparently everywhere that unblock intl phones. You can pay for monthly plans or buy air time anywhere you go. I use Whatsapp with evryone in the city or out in the country to share images, videos and video calls. Regarding companies, Tigo and Claro cover most of the country. Of course there will be some places where there is one but not the other, but that would have to be way out there in Smalltown, HN.
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