Need to contact some fellow ex- South Africans on their experience

Hi guys,
I am living in South Africa and currently working as a Mechanical Design Draftsman in mining industry.
Decided that it is time for change.
I would really like to work and immigrate to Canada\ Alberta, I am looking at either Edmonton or Calgary.
Before I can start dreaming I need some information from fellow ex- South Africans on their experience, how and where to start. Any legit recruitment agencies and immigration officers in South Africa for Alberta.
would the IELTS test be sufficient for application ? Where do I start ?

Any help and information would be appreciated.
Thank you, Cheers.

Hi Niekie,

Wish you a warm welcome to :D

For a general knowledge on procedures and formalities for expatriation, i invite you to go through the New version of the participative life in Canada guide. You will see that it is really a complete and useful guide.

Have a nice day and good luck


Thank you for response. I will have a look at the link (guide) you sent me. Hopefully it will give me some guidance.
Also thanks for the much needed good luck, start feeling excited already.

Have a great day :)

With new immigration rules it's difficult to get here without a job offer . Consultants will assure you that express entry bla bla but without job offer or provincial nomination it's hard to qualify . Anyway you can create express entry profile . People help you do that for 200$ .

Thank you tejulalb,
Yes there is no way that I want to take a chance to go over before I have a proper job offer. That is one of my issues I am trying to work out. looking for a good or legit career consultant before I can think of immigrating, do a work permit first for a period and then try the immigration thing.
You wouldn't maybe know of any contacts I can use for career consultants in Alberta?


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