Instrument Technician jobs in Alberta

Can anyone please help me. I am a qualified Instrument Tech in South Africa and would like to immigrate to Canada. I have completed my English test (IELTS) and also completed my skills assessment (Tradesecrets). I now have a letter from Tradesecrets stating I meet the requirments for an Instrument Technician in Canada, but must work under the supervision of another for a year. Then I can enroll to get my Formal qualification in Canada. This skills assessment however expire next year May,which means I must get there before that time. A job offer would just be easier to get there. Can anyone point me in the right

Hi Werner.lombaard,

Now you can look for a job there. I would invite you to download the Canada Expat guide or view the articles in the guide Work in Canada. If you have any particular question, please do not hesitate to ask here.

Best of luck,

Thanks, I will have a look.

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