What do you like the most in Honduras?


Living abroad, expats discover and enjoy a new environment.

What do you like the most in Honduras?

What seduced you when settling and living here?

Share with us your favorite part of living in Honduras and the reason why you enjoy your expat life here.

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I like the hot ladies.

The beautiful women, (although they are wicked as sin) and the beautiful beaches, so you can be away from Hondurans.

The honduras chicks are awesome!  They are so much fun.  They know how to party.  What do you mean by wicked as sin?  Did you have a bad experience.

The climate. No snow.

Wonderful Mountain weather (above 3400 feet)
Much less news and T.V. to distract and depress you.
Pretty girls will smile at you on the street.
Home-made tortillas.
Cheap internet and phones
Wonderful produce at the weekly market.
Lots of exercise when you don't own a car.
Cheap taxis and buses.
People who love their Country and have a strong Christian belief.
Swim in pools year round.
Many drugs available over the counter instead of prescription.
Salva Vida beer.
Learning Spanish

Number 1: my Honduran wife. Number 2: the weather where I live. Although my wife is considerably younger than I, and most all USA friends told me that I was making a big mistake, we have now been married for 13 years--and things are fine. We live in an aldea/village in the mountains of western Honduras at 5200 feet above sea level. The highest temp has been 84F; the lowest temp has been 44F. It would be hard to beat this climate.

Are you Northeast of Ocotopeque or close to Santa Rosa de Copan?

I live in San Manuel Colohete, Lempira. It is 20 miles of dirt road westerly of Gracias. La Campa is halfway between Gracias and San Manuel Colohete.

My wife likes the slower, unhurried life.  Hot Springs in the mountains. The Copan Bird sanctuary and ruins.

I still say the chicks are #1.

In reply, I would say that if I was 25-30 again, I would be married to a Honduran and have five kids. I would have to get her about 300 miles away from her family, though. They are stuck to their family like glue and it's rather nerve-wracking for North Americans to contend with that claustrophobic closeness.

Latino cultures are definitely more family oriented (closer) than americans have become (seperated) ..but the key to finding a partner is to find someone who works, has a house, and is independent. Hooking up with someone who is still mentally immature or wild will only lead you to supporting dead weight or problems in a relationship (or seperation) down the line. It takes a lot of experience to be able to see that the ones that you'd find at a bar or play dress up are not the ones you'd like to have as a companion. However to each their own, I've always disliked the those type of gals.

Yes the women here can be beautiful, but not the majority. As well as sweet, loving or kind, but not everyone is honest. You have to take your time to get to find and get to know thay special someone. I hear a lot of people want to get the chance to move the the US for work.



I haven't explored too much, I tend to stay in my town village. Going in to San Pedro Sula is always interesting, seeing the knock off hats/shoes and clothing or buying things for the house like kitchen ware or other items. There is a lot of fresh fruits and food in el centro. I like to go there with my girlfriend to buy her clothing or check it all out, its like a swapmeet but for more general things and it's mostly the same people selling new items everday of the week until about 5:30pm. There are also malls or other restaurants or stores near by. It is a great place to ask questions or get to know the area.

I hear the ruins is where to go but haven't seen them yet.

I love Trujillo Honduras because the beaches are empty, the rain forests are my background, the people are friendly and the food is organic.

The beaches and islands are wonderful, nicest in Central América. Copan, Santa Lucía, Valle de Ángeles, and La Esperanza are also extremely nice!

The point is that many of these women are not mentally stable and what they are today, may not be what they are tomorrow. They are experts at leaving a good impression, good table manners, good dressers and polite at first!

Yes. Get to Copan.  The Ruins, the Bird Sanctuary, the Hot Springs, close to Guatemala. Stay in a Hostel.  Iguana Azul.

A hot chick is a hot chick.

Your post is so so triue and relevant. 

I would say that it is what it is and let's have people from whatever country carry forward and explore Honduras in the way they want.

Well.... There are many. Your situation sux if you really did purchase property on the west coast of Honduras where the coast is so so small and in a..... Town of maybe 2000 people. 2000 people ., forget about age. IF your single .. Or not you are not in a .... Climate for your situation. BTW.... I love when married couples come down to Honduras together and make a purchase together.  What a great feeling. Kinda like Donald Trump running for president of USA.....

Yes Donald Trump would make a wonderful neighbor!

We feel in love with the country:
1- Green mountains and blue beaches.  Mountain not look like naked in California.  Pico bonito mountain views from the beach remind the beautiful Fiji island.
2- The tropical botanic garden near Tela with many Asian fruits.  Simple and honest young girl sale Rambutain fruit on the side walk was our remarkable souvenir.
3- Children's middle class are well manner educative. If you go to vacation resorts on the week-end and observe them.  "Si señor; si señora" like the years 50th. Not the same rich children in some others third countries ...
4-Beaches in Roatan.  Paradise for diving.  Many love the WestEnd town. But we felling still be in Key west-Florida not in Honduras.
5-Lake Yojoa, Copan, Cayo Cochinos and maybe many  many local villages we didn't have change to visit and meet simple people who never have contacted with tourists.
6-Community-Church in local very strong. Hope one day when we retires we can participates .
Thanks for reading.

The beautiful beaches and sunsets make Honduras special. Tropical lush vegetation on the mountains. Lake Yojoa, Valle de Ángeles, Santa Lucía, Copan Ruins, and La Esperanza. Honduras is about the size of Tennessee, however it really does have a lot to offer, due to the north coast. The coast on the south is black sand, not like the white sand on the north coast. I have not been there, but have been told the Department of Lempira has a lot to offer as well!

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