Volunteering in Tanzania


While living abroad, some expats wish to get involved in the local community life.

What organizations expats can turn to if they want to volunteer in Tanzania?

How to join a charitable institution, what are the steps?

Which causes have the greatest need for volunteers in Tanzania?

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Most volunteers companies ask huge prices and make a lot profit on their volunteers. Maybe you better look for small companies with a great heart for those who really need it. I was recommended for who have a small school in Arusha for underserved children. Their education program is for free; the only free and good primary school in Arusha. They only work with volunteers. Seems to be a very nice organization.
Teachers are expensive and the way they teach is very intensive so they need helping teachers in every class. A volunteer can easy do that, even without being educated as a teacher. This saves them a lot money. Everyone happy :)

For people with interest in helping grassroots cyclists campaign for better cycling conditions and rights, and good advocacy and administration skills, go for UWABA Dar es Salaam cycling community, who take on volunteers.

Our Zanzibar School is a community based non-profit organization, designed to reach, inform, assist and give hope to the hopeless children, orphans, youths and women, ensuring that they get appropriate help and get it as early as possible, thereby giving them a much greater chance of taking their rightful place and playing their part in the society.

The activities will give them the opportunities to education, business skills, vocational training courses, health care education and sport activities , and aid them to become useful citizens.Zanzibar school looking for volunteers to help with teaching children from age 3 to 12 years
The volunteers will help teaching in our school. For the moment we have around 100 children from age 3 to 12 years but only one permanent teacher. So we regularly need more support to help teaching different subjects like e.g. English, mathematics or sports. But you're also welcome to teach other important topics like e.g. about the general environment, cleaning or arts. The children learn in the school from Monday to Friday from 7am to 12am.

In the afternoon from 4pm to 5:30pm our project supports women and youth from the village. Monday, Tuesday and Saturday they come to learn English. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday they learn making jewelry. Additionally we will start teaching the women as well as the children important facts about hygiene and health care issues. So you are welcome to support one of these activities, but we are also open to your ideas.
The first thing you want to do here in your free time is to experience the beautiful white beaches with turquoise water just 5 minutes walk from the house. Apart from that there are so many things you can do in Zanzibar. You definitely have to visit the capital Stone Town and the small island Prison Island with the giant turtles. You can also do a spice tour to taste Zanzibar spices, a guided walk through Jozani forest to feed the red monkey, go on a boat trip to see dolphins and much more. In any case we can arrange the tours or transports. Furthermore, if you want to get to know Tanzanian mainland we can recommend you Safari Tours.
Since the school and the accommodation is situated right in the center of the village the volunteers will experience a lot about the culture of Zanzibar. All the neighbors and parents are welcoming you and if so you will also find many people who can teach you Swahili. You will eat typical Zanzibar food and will definitely find someone who teaches you how to make it.

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since you're interested in volunteering in Tanzania, there are some things you have to know. Take a look at some of the cultural differences you might experience while volunteering in Tanzania. This article helped me a lot -

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