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Hello Christine,

Hope you are doing good.
I am currently in Pune, India and got an offer from penang based company.
They have offered me 6800 as fixed pay per month and other are annual bonus of one sallary at the end of dec.

Could you please help me with the Cost of living in penang. i searched many fofum and have talk with people in KL, but getting all information confused me.

some says it will take around RM 3k for normal living and some says it will be upto RM 4.5K.

Thought you are from Penang so could help me better.
My office will be in Bayan Lepas. what would be the best place to stay and what will be the cost?

Penang leaving cost you need to decide how you wish rent a room , house or company provide that.
Food is if you cook your self then around 500 per month, transport you need to figure out., Other cost like laundry , entertainment all you need to decide by your self.

For rent

May be this will help you.

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