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     I am an indian and working as a teacher in K.S. A.  MY Iqama prefession is Teacher. Am I eligible to apply for family visa through online? If applying online, What place I should fill in the column port of boarding. My state is kerala.
There are 4 boxes for filling the name of the dependents.My wife has 1 given name and 1 surname : Format(XXXX  YYYY ).My daughter has 2 given names and 2 surnames ( AAAA BBBB CCCC DDDD ) In which boxes should I enter these names and what should I do with the remaining boxes ?
What is the validity of permanent family visa before it is stamped in the passport?

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Well dont know about the name how to fill it but use the name that shows in there passport  and the passport must be  valid for at least 6 months, Yes you can apply for a family visit visa, duration is 90 day once approved or when you get the visa via Saudi Consulate. But now its a Hajj season, more chances it will be denied but you can try. Best time is After Hajj and then wait for a month or so then apply. Right after Hajj it will be denied. So Hajj is at end of Sept so better off apply in Nov or Dec.
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@ Rafeeq you shoud enter their names as it shows in passport.

For online Permanent Visas if you are able to successful submit it, more than likely you will get the visa, but if for some reason it doesn't accept, which happens since not all professions are accepted online (this is because all professions are not updated online since its a new service) do not worry just take an appointment and visit Istiqdham along with your documents.

Yes your profession does allows you to get your family.


Thank you very much
Still some confusion . I need some clarification. My wife has one surname ( XXXX )  and one given name ( YYYY ).
Should I enter the given name in first box and the surname in the fourth box and put - and - in the second and third boxes ? Or should I enter given name and surname in the first and second boxes respectively and put - and - in the third and fourth boxes ?
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can you show print screen


Where you able to submit online?


Through Absher service

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