Part time job in Herning DK

Hi everyone!

I am a new register here, am from Slovakia and just moved to Herning in DK. I am looking for a part- time job in whatever area it would be. I am open minded to every work and as a student here would like to earn some money to cover all the utilities as are needed for to living in DK.

Hello Nikoleta159 and welcome on board :)

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WIsh you all the best in your job hunt and your new expat life.

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Unfortunately, I cannot help you with a job, but I just found this site:

You can search for jobs and you can create a job agent. The jobs are only part time jobs as they are meant for students like you.

am viona searching house help please any country I will work

Viona beby :

am viona searching house help please any country I will work

In order for you to work in any country legally, you have to have the correct paperwork, i.e a work visa.

Hi Viona,

You can read about working/studying in Denmark here:


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