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Hi. I am new member. Appreciate if anyone can give commands on Regent International School Klang. I am thinking of putting my children to that school. Thank very much

Sorry for typing error.  Appreciate if anyone can give some advices of Regent International School Klang. Thank you very much

As a former teacher there, I cannot in good conscience recommend it to anyone. As a professional, it was an absolute nightmare. There are no western teachers there, only Malay. They made the British IT person (someone with no education training or degree) principal of the primary school with disasterous results. One teacher in frustration and anger threw a chair at a student. He was not fired, only moved to a different classroom. Most of the staff and teachers are not trained educators but people who are friends and relatives of the school's owner. Many of the students in the secondary school are children who have been thrown out of public school but whose parents are very wealthy. There is no disciplinary action of any kind at the school, children are allowed to bully each other and the teachers and generally be thugs because of the money they bring in to the school. Teachers are not allowed to discipline the children. They cannot have disruptive students sit out, leave class, or go to the school office. So if you have a child screaming obscenities in class you have to just let them do it while you try and teach. While I was there, a fire was set on the third floor and windows vandalised. The students who did this were not even suspended. Weeks after the incident, the broken windows were never replaced. High teacher turnover rate (myself included) because of poor management, poor character of so many students, poor character of many staff and teachers, and the ridiculous autocratic owner who expected to be treated like a God while bringing his married girlfriend around the school campuses. There were good children there. There were good and dedicated teachers there as well. But they are in the minority. Deception, gross incompetence, and thug mentality is common among every aspect of the school. I would strongly suggest that you look elsewhere.

I have waited for some time to reply to this post. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Patrick Fernandez, General Manager, Corporate Communications at Regent International School. I have been involved with Regent since August 2011. This may perhaps give me some authority to speak on the school. I give my name and designation because I think one who speaks the truth does not hide in a cloak of anonymity on the internet. And you know the internet is full of fraudsters and cheats and it is possible that you or your friends may have fallen prey to these conmen but that's a story for another day.

Let's come back to Regent International School. This morning, there was a parent in my office. She and her husband were leaving shortly to work in the Middle East and had stopped by to say goodbye. Her daughter, who had been a student of the school, was not present. The mother said that she had not wanted to come as she would cry. She also said that after their contract in the Middle East was over and if they came back to Malaysia, they wanted their daughter to continue at the school. This parent at least feels that the school did her child some good.

Does the school have its detractors? Of course it does. Which school doesn't? But who are these people? They are people who feel hard done by, by the school. Rightly or wrongly. So for the longest time, I decided not to act in haste. Now I wish to say my piece.

Firstly, let me say in all honesty, I am not sure who this teacher is and for how long he or she taught at the school. This ex-teacher has made some serious allegations about the school.  We are human but we must strive for excellence always. One of the virtues we seek to impart in our students is COMPASSION. That notwithstanding, I am prepared to meet this person and challenge him or her to repeat the same in a court of law. However, he or she would need to identify themselves first.

On the other hand, I ask readers to not depend on hearsay especially where the future of their children is concerned. Therefore, I would be very pleased to show anyone who is fair-minded and honest around the school, to talk to some of the students and teachers and make the assessment themselves of who we are and what we are trying to accomplish. It depends on which side of the coin you are looking at. As someone who has been with the school from the beginning, I can say I am proud of what we have achieved and continue to strive for.

Please call 03-3373 7771 and make an appointment to visit the school. I will be delighted to show you around and answer all your questions.

So Patrick you do really sound like  a marketing guy as sum of what you said is "nothing". I tried checking the school website for the principal, teachers and results and every page came up with "not found". A broken website says neglect.

Who is the principal? Previous experience? Qualification?

How many expat teachers with uk, usa, canadian or australian teaching licences?

How many local teachers? Qualifications and experience.

These are facts that parents should look at. Not websites copied from other schools (they all say the same but delivery is what is meeded)

Nemodot, thank you for your comments. You are right in that the website only has basic information. We do not post who our teachers are and their individual qualifications. The bulk of our teachers are Malaysian but we also have some foreigners in their ranks.
We are a home-grown international school - we teach the Cambridge curriculum leading to the IGCSE. Our objective is to help as many children as possible get the opportunity to move on to college, therefore we need an inexpensive and sustainable model. And that is who we are. That's why the invitation for those interested to visit our school, in Klang, Sungai Petani or Kuantan - and find out first hand. You are welcome too. Cheers! And Happy New Year!

Hi ongck,
Just wondering did you send your child to Regent Klang at the end? Do you mind sharing how do you find the school as im considering the school as well?

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My wife is supposed to join Regent International, as a teacher, soon (we are foreigners).

While we don't know the inner workings of the school, I must say, we were happy with what we saw (so far).

This could be a disgruntled employee who feels he/she were hard done by the school.

It would be best to take Patrick up on his offer and let him show you around the school before you make a decision.

P.S. teachers, foreign or local, it should not really matter, as long as they are qualified and good enough to teach.


I sent an email to enquire about the open days for your Klang's school but was returned with msg saying that the email link has error. Would you be able to advise?


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