setting up a small business in Bulgaria

We are setting up a fast food outlet in Elhovo shortly and need to know the process for registering a company. Does this have to be done before setting up the business. Also I have read nighmare stories about the time in takes for health and saftey process to be passed and certificsates issued. Who is the first person we need to contact to get the ball rolling. Is it best we hire a company to set up the company for us or can we do this with the help of an interpreter. We are from the UK and have been living in Bulgaria for around 4 months. We already have a bank account but will we need to open a business bank account.

Hi I can't help answer any questions, but read your post and wanted to wish you well on the venture, are you going to introduce the "oggie" to Bulgarians I'm sure they've a hunger big enough for one!?
Good luck, Steve.

hahaha thanks Steve will let you know when we are up and running

Hi Candy.....Did you get help. I have hired a company to set up my LTD company so I can buy property and operate a B&B.. How idbyout process going anything you can share with me...thanks

Starting up the company is very easy. It's best to do this before you start the business. Nightmare stories are for people who have no contact here in Sofia. If you have questions feel free to ask. Regards, Luc Stevens

Thanks luc...I have a company doing it now for me..she told me once registration is done I can set up bank account.

Normal, first you put the exact amount - the capital of the company - on a temporary account to start the company. This proof you bring to the trade register. After the publication you open a other account - working account - for the company. (and you close the temporary account). Regards, Luc

Thanks Carver

Looking at opening a bar / restaurant   have seen suitable premises but not sure what the regulations are in Bulgaria.
Is there anyone who has done similar who can point me in the right direction.

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