Is 2900USD + accom + Medical + food - a good salary deal?

Hi, My Name is Lalit and I have recieved an offer for IT manager with a steel company at angola, the salary negotiations are still in the process the have offered me 2900 USD per month + FOOD+ Accomadation on sharing+Medical, however I am still confused. will it be worth leaving a family and coming to work at this place?

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Does your FOOD part include B/f, Lunch, Tea, Dinner? Ask for free laundry also and hopefully the accommodation is fully furnished and equipped? Does the package also include transport? If so, then even USD 2,900 per month is not bad, though you should ask for USD 4,500 since you are being appointed as a Manager.
Remember, ANGOLA is the COSTLIEST COUNTY in the WORLD. All clothes, undergarments, foot-wear, even socks and handkerchiefs should be taken by you from India. The only thing available at reasonable price in Angola is liquor. Rest all things may be priced around 4-10 times costlier than in India.

My driver get that with overtime back 2011!

Well, that salary is acceptable only if all your basic expenses are taken care off. It will also depend on the standards of living you intent to have once in Angola, because living in Angola following western life style standards is very costly but you can always find alternatives.

BTW: make sure you get transportation as part of the deal.

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These salary is not good for work in Luanda. Ask for more and believe me they will pay you more.

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I would advise you to negociate anything between 3500-4500 its ok, provided all basic needs are looked after.

If possible always tray get as much information as possible from the company  (size, revenue, market share etc) plus your job description so that you might get a fair rate.

LUANDA is very expencive due to excessive imports, make sure your basic needs are looked after specially FD and ACC.

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