got offered the job in Luanda. enough salaries?

hi guys,
I ve been offered job in Luanda.
they offer $2600+acc+driver+3times meal a day and mobile calling fee.(1 person). I have wife, no kid, and both of us love smoking and alcohol (mostly beer.)
is that enough salaries for two people in Luanda?
i'd really love to accept that job but my wife doesn't cuz of pricing in Luanda.
looking for some good advise from expats.

Hi 신형석/Be

Till members provide you some infos/updates, i suggest you read the following thread :

- Is 2900USD + accom + Medical + food - a good salary deal?

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Salary of US$ 2,500 is grossly inadequate, for 2 people even if accommodation and transport and meals (for 1) are free.
Do not accept a salary of less than US$ 6000 per month with all other benefits

Thats a nice offer

that's disgusting. its a ripp off. 6500 or 6000 USD is the mark. they taking u for a ride

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