Cost of Living 2017?

Hi people!

I've been made an offer to move to Luanda and they are offering 6,400 USD monthly plus 800 USD (130k KWZ) for food and any other needs (tax free in both cases). Of course everything else is covered: car with a driver, cellphone, accommodation, health insurance, 3 trips per year to go back to my country, a person who will do the cleaning of the house, free laundry.

So I was wondering if it's a good salary or not. I guess I will have to pay taxes in my country which are quite high (over 30%) and I would like to know if those 800 USD are enough to get my food and higiene stuff. Will I be able to use some of it for entertainment? I would love to save most of my salary if possible but of course I can use some of it to get a decent life in Luanda, how mucho would I need to use?

If I'm moving is because I think they are giving good money and I want to save some and come back to Mexico.

Any help would be very appreciated.


well its a good salary and for the past year you can chage 100 dolars for 45.000 kz, a regular meal is about 3.000 kz in restaurants, cooking at home you can have 3 meals a day by 2.500 kz.  So take the job but make sure that thay pay you in USD. with 800 usd a month you will be the king of luanda. im not sure but normaly you dont pay taxes if that salary you just have to change your residence to angola.

Hi Carlos,

First of all thank you very much for your reply! About the salary, yes, they will pay in USD but just the salary itself which will be deposited in my home country (so I would need to pay taxes in Mexico -.-). The 800 USD is an approximate since they will pay in Kwanzaas (130k per month), but this is additional and will be deposited in Angola. So I was worrying if I may require to get some of my monthly salary directly deposited in Angola to avoid any money transfer from Mexico to Angola, but it seems (and tell me if I'm wrong) that with those 130k will be enough to live in Angola right?

Again thank you very much for your help :)

hello again well i though that you were going to receive 800 dollars a month which you could trade in for  280.000 kz higher than the regular rates cause you cant find dollars in the market, that would be enough to, as  i said live like a king. taking me as an example when i travel to angola i take dollars with me and i change 100 dollars for 45.000 kz int the black market, wich  is what most expats do. 
once you will receive 130.000 kz a month i will put some more details to it.
as i said cooking at home that will be enough but you need to now if that is a possibility.
dining at fancy restaurant starting at 10.000 kz;
going out fancy places starting at 10.000 to 15.000 normaly you have to pay for entrance,
hotel starting at 25.000 a night;
taxy going out if you live in the center 6.000 to 10.000
gym 15.000 kz a month

well in luanda you can spend 130.000 kz i on one weekend if you like to go to high end restaurant and clubs go out Friday nigh and Saturday night, but if you are a regular person and you want to cook at home during the week that should be enough but if you want to go to 5 stars hotels and restaurants you will need more. In luanda you have lots of expats that only go to the best restaurants and clubs in the country and drink moet chandon all nigh so it depends on what are your plans. people in angola love to show off and spend a lot of money doing so, and its easy for you to go with the bunch.
for my personal experience the 130.000 is enough for your food and hygiene for going out you sould ask to receive in dollars, instead of transfer it from mexico, so you can change them in angola and you can leave the country with 10.000 usd as pocket cash so if you dont spend it all you can take it 

about the taxes i live in portugal and the company deposits the money in portugal and i dont pay taxes because i changed my postal address to angola and i know that a lot of countries have the same law so check it. 

if you have any specific questions ask away

by the way are you going to work for an mexican company??

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