saudi Police Clearance Certificate for expatriate

Dear Expat:

Step 1: Prepare a set of document ( copy of passport+ copy of Iqama+ Application form to be filled provided by embassy+photo)

Step 2 : submit it to embassy they will provide you NOC on their letter head requesting to saudi police to provide you PCC. around sar 115 you have to pay at embassy or Vfs.

step1&2 is 1 week process.

Step 3 : translation of NOC to be done in Arabic. around sar 30 you have to pay at translation office.

Step 4 : after translation same NOC shall be attested from embassy need to attach a copy of passport +iqama+ photo .around 65 sar you have to pay at embassy or vfs.

step 3 & 4 is 1 week process.

Step 5 : after attestation same NOC shall be attested with MOFA stamp around sar 30 you have to pay at MOFA office.

step 5 is 1 day process.

Step 6: after MOFA stamp submit the whole set to Saudi  main city police station with one photo and copy of passport and iqama . also you company saudi representative shall accompany with you. ask police to provide PCC for travelling called as safri.

*****After 10 working days from date of submission to police station you will get you PCC.


Fazal Fodkar.

That is good information and concise. Thanks for sharing.

good info...thanks...but I thought they stopped giving these out...

Can PCC be obtained from any major police station or only the nearest one ?

For someone living in Hafr Al Batin the northern area , what are the option ?

Also is company representative required ? What if the person works in the Govt ?

I am a British National, currently preparing for the "final exit" from Saudi Arabia after working here for just 4 years 10 months time period.

Need to know what is the procedure to get a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Dammam, Eastern Province?

British Embassy may not need this PCC but another country could ask this as I stayed here more than three years.  I would like to know anyone from UK Citizen has any recent experience on this issue, please

Thank you in advance.

Hi @samahoque, any luck finding out whether the process is still like the original post?
Or has it changed recently?

Quick question. I am planning to go for a final exit at year end. Is that possible I start the process, within a month I get police clearance and go for a final 3 months later. Is there a rule that I need to leave country as soon  as I get police clearance? thanks.

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